Thursday, August 23, 2012

One more Living room Sample

 I bet ya'll are getting so tired of me concerning this room and I havent even done anything yet..
  I keep having this nitemare about my rooms being empty with a small solitary table in the middle of each room with a lone pumpkin on each as a decoration.  Needless to say that nitemare wakes me up in a cold sweat   rolf....

  seriously, I am making a tiny bit of progress. For instance, the tables tones have been decided.
 white on the bottom with light touches of dark wax and walnut tops..    So I am in the process of painting a few pieces, then when I get them inside, I'll do the tops.

 did I mention that Lone Pumpkin sitting on the FLOOR in each room.. YIKES, this could take me awhile.

 I really really LOVE these pillows and the basket on the wall.. LOVE so I am on a hunt for as close as possible to this fabric.   Daughter loves it too, so thats always a plus.   dont like the ottoman they used so thats NOT gonna happen..   no iron lamps either.
 I do LOVE the uncovered windows~! yes I know its a french door- but I just have a double window .. I will bulk up the moldings some and hopefully that'll get me the Look/Feel I'm going for.
Thanks for sticking with me through this process.  I promise not to do this to ya'll again when we get to the dining room and family room.  Those 2 were easier for me to decide on the Decor and fabrics.   I'm not sure why I am having Decor Block in the living room..

 If you have any suggestions, tips or tricks I am more than willing to hear them.. Your decor wisdom is always appreciated.
 PS~  the rush seat bar stools arrived-- they didnt look good in my home.  I am going to need stools with backs so those are being returned and the hunt is on for Bar Stools that will work..

I appreciate your visit.  It means a lot to me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LivingRoom- So Many Choices

 I'm sure we've all thought about how WONDERFUL it would be if we could totally clear out a room or 3 :) and start over.   Well here I sit and while I am excited and very blessed to be able to do this without going into debt, it isnt working out quite as wonderfully as I had imagined.  Why? becuase there are WAY to many choices.     I dont want to spend a fortune and I do still have 4 Pomeranian Furbabies- who are very clean and proper acting little ladies, BUT anyone can have an accident- know what I mean.. 

 I also want to say :: not being compensated in any way, shape or form:: what an excellent job Stanley Steamer did on my carpets. They look like they did when they went in 6 years ago. The service was professional, friendly and the quality of their work was outstanding.  Thanks Guys- ya'll did good and I am both grateful and very satisfied..  I will be using them for all my cleaning needs- flooring wise I mean.

 Now back to these choices I was speaking of..
 While each of these samples are different, there seems to be a common theme- at least to me..
 When I look at them I think, light and cozy...
 In your comment- please say which you'd choose and a brief WHY you'd choose it or which elements you find most appealing. 
thanks for your opinions and wisdom ..

  This first sample best represents my wall color and I bought a light tone area rug already..
 I have the herringbone rug wrapped and stored..  I better hold on to that since I doubt I could find another..
 Not painting my walls blue.. 
 I like the calm and quiet of this room.
 OK - NOOOOOOOO yellow walls or totally blue striped sofa but I can make blue ticking pillows and a couple of floor pillows. 
 again, this says calm and quiet to me.
 Red ticking pillows- versus striped sofa..I do love this coffee table style..
  Love the neutral leaf pattern of the pillows.
alrighty.. lemme hear what you think and which you like.

I appreciate your help with narrowing these choices down..
 again- this is the sofa I ordered... I also have an ikea white twill slip cover ordered for it.
 Happy Tuesday Folks..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lamp Love, Oh My

Here's a little known secret about me.. I LOVE Lamps. Yes, thats right. I look at lamps everywhere I go.
In store, online, in catalogs, heck if I was at your home I'd be checkin out your LAMPS.

 I needed two that matched for my bedroom side tables, cause I'm just a matchy matchy girl , that way lol..
  I hung a mirror over each nite table so lamps alike were a must and I put my shell lamp over on the chest.

 It shouldnt be much longer till I get that room totally done and ready for her Showing. anyway, back to the lamps...

  I have adored these Ballard lamps since the day I saw them, over a year ago. I'd visit the Ballard site at least 3 times a week just to look at them.   One day about 3 weeks ago my online catalog arrived and guess what was on sale~!  yes, my lamps...  But I needed 2 and even on sale- ouchie ..

 Now you may be asking yourself why I'd choose this style of lamp for my bedroom nite table. I can answer that:)  I stayed at a bed and breakfast near Asheville and they had similar lamps and they were PERFECT for laying in bed propped up on fluffy pillows and reading, doing cross stitch and such.. Which is exactly what I do at night as I wind down to go to sleep.  The light can be adjusted to shine exactly where I need it to, unlike a regular lamp that throws light in every direction for a certain distance  , depending on the wattage of the bulb.  In this style a 40 watt beaming right where I need it is more than enough.. Beside I ADORE how they look~! So looks and Function too- how could I not love them.
 I restrained myself and continued to look through my emails , totally intendeing to just Bite The Bullet , go back and add them to my cart- check out- and wait for their arrival.

 As fate would have it, and I do mean Fate becuase folks, how else could I open an online catalog from another company and find almost the same lamps //well close enough// on sale on the same dang day..
 See I had looked at these before too but they were 39.00 each for about 8 months.. But this day they were on sale for  $19.95 - lemme tell ya I got Light Headed when I saw this ad.
   Sure they are slightly different and the Kirklands lamp was a brighter silver BUT, I knew how to make it have more of a pewter tone, cause I had changed other bright silver lamps in the past with my secret ingrediant-- Bri Wax in dark brown..  I ordered the Bri Wax and as soon as it arrivs I'll give the lamps a couple of applications- buff them up - put them in place and get some photos for Ya'll..

 The lamps are HEAVY~!  I was shocked to get such an excellent quality item for only 19.95.. They are KEEPERS and they are still on sale if anyone is interested...

Susan~~Meta Monday
 Thanks for visiting me..
 Happy Sunday to Ya'll

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bar Stools ~ Comparison

 Let me begin by saying we sat once in 6 years, in the bar stools we had. So to say these are Just For Looks, would be a major understatement.   

  I was looking this morning at some to replace the others - just so that space wouldnt be completely empty, until such time as I decide if I want cabinets installed in that space.   Or maybe a cabinet on each end and the 2 bar stools inbetween.   I'll have to look through some kitchen design sites to figure this out..

 For now though- its bar stools.

 I went first to Pottery Barn- found ones that would work and wouldnt conflict with my slightly frenchie breakfast room set,,, havent shown ya'll that yet- but I will:)  They are a bit more than I wanted to pay , just for something to basically look at..  so I went to WayFair and low and behold , the same bar stools.
 oh my monitor the rush on the seats might be a bit lighter but a few flicks with a very dry brushing of stain would fix that, if it bothered me..

 Pottery Barn 129.00 - 18.00 shipping
 WayFair          49.00 - free shipping ::: Market Place is the same site..

Both had 5 star ratings from the customers who made purchases.
 I bet you can guess which ones I choose.. 
here they are side by side..  expected delivery 7 days.
AND they only weigh 8lbs each so when vacumming I can pick it up with one hand- vacumm - plop it back down..  yeaaaaaaaaaaaa 
 I dont know about ya'll but with my back I have to think about the weight of every item I have to move so I can do a proper cleaning every week. Its the little things I am finding more and more important or maybe I'm just getting Lazy and need to admit it..

 Thanks for stopping by to take a peek..  I'll let you know if I give them 5 stars once they're here.

Happy Friday

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dont let the Ugly pic Scare You

 I dont tell much of my private stuff so I wont go into detail about this past year except to tell you that I have been Extremely Blessed and Miracles have occured..  I thought a lot about how to show my gratitude and came up with a few different ways..  Saying how grateful one is , thats fine , but for me , it takes Action too..

 I was in the process of cleaning out some things- showed ya'll that pic - but I'll refresh your memory with that ugly pic...   actually the photo I'm showing is about 1/5th of what I gave away..  I choose a charity that I know helps folks -- FOR FREE.. I didnt want to donate and have them make a big profit and Believe me, before this donate was done, they would have.

 I thought about listing things on craigslist - cause gee who couldnt use an extra 500.00 or maybe lots more.
 Then I rethought my blessings and miracles and  nah, no selling, just giving and then giving some more..

 Monday was one of the happiest days I've had in many years..

here's a list of why is was so happy and what I GAVE in Gratitude.
Its my great wish that those who receive it will SMILE and it will make their lives Better..


all items less than 5 years old and most never used at all..

27 boxes == assorted
13 large black trash bags- fabric , craft items
2 wingbacks
sofa-- n -- ottoman
piano bench
media cab on fireplace
2 love seats
sofa table
this pic represents about 1/5 of what went away to the Rescue Mission.
twin matress n boxspring
bar stools
2 dining sets
2 desks
3 office chairs
framed art 9 of those
dishes pots pans set of silverware
34 piece set of bone china
accessories - LOL
2 cannister sets
5 sets of queen beddings
8 lamps and shades
I only took 1 pic but it eventually went from the front door all the way through the dining room and into the family room.

I dont want to leave ya'll with that bad pic in your head so....   I'll put whats left in the garage till I get it painted and redone..
 sure is easy to vacumm LOL..

I've shown a lot of inspiration photos lately , so those who follow me sorta know what my plans are,, and I'll post room by room as I get each done with before and after photos..
I moved the fireplace to this wall.. Not sure if Its staying there or not..

Other Side  ... I wonder how long those marks will stay in the carpet from having that heavy fireplace on it..

Maybe Stanley Steamer can make the nap come back up.. I hope..

 So far I dont know what all I'll be using in this room.. I did buy  3 sofa's though..
1 for the living room and
  for the family room.
Not sure yet if I want another ottoman//coffee table or a wood one sorta like this.
 3 weeks till delivery which gives me lots of time to do that entry wall.. Paint- decide on accesories and tables and and and LOL..

thanks for visiting.  I appreciate you coming along with me on my latest journey..its hard sometimes doing things all alone.. So I am super grateful to have your kindness and comments and presence in my Life.
I hope to see ya soon..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 I'm not remodeling my kitchen-- right now anyway but OH BABY, if I was..

Looking through this samples from Better Homes and Gardens makes me want to move faster on my entry wall-  living room and family room so I can rest a little and start thinking and plotting a little redo on my kitchen..

 Some of the elements in each of these make my heart go Pitter Pattter..

ok - back to work for me..
thanks for visiting, it means more than I can tell ya..

I'll post the Parties I'm gonna play in later this evening.. Hope to see ya'll there.

 over the moon in LOVE with this idea~!!
 I have a empty wall SCREAMING for open shelving like this and lots of ironstone to put on it.. 
 In my dreams- these are my new bar fixtures... yes indeedy , I deserve those for being such a good girl.. Right Santa??  Right:)
 Kim @ Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Cards ~ Week 2

 Its saturday again. wow this week sure flew by.

This is the week 2 for me posting Birthday cards for your emails- facebook or wherever you'd like to use them.

Enjoy and Come back to see me Monday cause I'm starting a new Giveaway..

 I'll post 5 or 6 more next saturday..

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wall in the Works

I looked at 4 hundred gazillion entry walls and finally found one that would work in my living room and that I could do the carpentry on myself.   I even have the primer and paint for the lower section.  wooohoooo

 I so dislike spending money:)  
 so it shouldnt take me long to bring this sample to fruition in my home.
ignore the fact that the welcome on the door is backwards, thats not their fault. I had to do a mirror image cause thats the way my wall is.

pin said BHG- sorry I dont have the link..if this isnt right- someone let me know and I will gladly add the correct link.  I love this and want whoever it belongs to , to get the proper credit..

 I would like to add some of those fancy hooks for coats purses umbrellas and such .. I have most of the elements they used on this wall and can easily come up with the rest.
Of course this cant happen till the donation center guys arrive to take all this STUFF away..

 its driving me crazy looking at it till monday but on the other hand its a good thing I have a few more days cause I keep finding more stuff that needs to go..  Some because I'm working my way to a simpler home design and the other reason I posted  HERE to Read why~!

breaking bloggie rule  207754a8gg301  ~   never show ugly pics. in case ya'll didnt recognize the Rule by its number....  ROLF  I hate rules anyway and break them every chance I get....just sayin.

 now- dont ya'll think my wall will look way better done like the pin sample. just say YES K ..cause I need ya too..

Ya'll go on over to Laura's and see all the other pin posts.. These folks come up with some great things you may not have seen..  Headed that way myself as soon as I get done here..
Laura's Pin Party

thanks for visiting me...  holee majolee I have 501 Followers..  Ya'll know this means a GIVEAWAY right..
 I'll post that on monday so come on back to see us, ya hear.....
xoxo and lots of well wishes to each and every one of Ya's.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blue Baby Blue

This morning I was looking around at sites I dont often visit.   I usually check out Pottery Barn and Ballards if I'm looking for something-- for instance-- cleaning out my entire Living Rooms- and redoing it.

Playing at Susan's Party HERE 

  I doubt I would do this style or color in my home as I am still stuck on black white taupe and apple green. Those were my colors when so many folks went WHITE and now I notice the Big Sellers-- mentioned above:) are starting to advertise lots of Color..  Dontcha love how they manipulate the market.?  Sell everyone on white and neutral and when they've made a fortune off that - go back to dark wood and color and make another gazillion in profit.. 

anywhooooooooooooo..  I was at Ralph Lauren early this morning and I thought I'd share one of the collections they have this year.... I dont think Blue and White goes in and out of favor. Folks who love it-- LOVE IT all the time.
now I'll hush and you can enjoy the photos...

Thanks for visiting me... Ya know I love having you here...
Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allergies for Both of Us

Well, its official..  Me and my daughter both have allergies, including Food allergies.  This has been an ongoing issue for me fore several years but now after multiple tests and examinations and blood work and I dont even know what all else :)   She too has allergies almost as severe as mine.

 What this means is- we are both still healthy compared to many other folks and what they have to deal with but it also means LOTS of CHANGES have to happen within our Home.
 This isnt something that can be done overnite as it will consist of removing as much of the fabric as possible and by that I mean drapes and carpets.    I realize we cant live in a pristine environment and so I'll focus on the changes I can make and attempt to adjust the others.

For instance- scotchgaurd  on furniture makes it much easier to vacumm as the particles/dust/ dander and such- remain on the surface.  The Pom Babies will have to be shaved at least once a month- versus their usual quarterly shaving.  Until such time as wood flooring can be put in, Stanley Steamer will be here quarterly to do a thorough steaming of all surfaces.     Mattress boxspring and pillow covers must be purchased and used at all times.     I'm thinking this process may cost a bit of money before its over with but living as healthy as possible is the main issue and I am very grateful that though annoying, allergies are all we have to deal with , illness wise.. Oh yea and the food allergies but thats just a case of clean out the fridge cabs and storage room and purchase carefully, henseforth.      Heck, we may be much healthier for Life because of this.
 I always try to look for the Silver Lining and usually if I look for it- I find it.

 With all these changes that'll be going on around here I may only be able to post a couple times a week till I get this situation under control so if you dont see a post every other day- dont give up on me. K

 I'll still be able to take breaks and come visit ya'll.
Wish me Luck and thanks for visiting.. it means a lot to me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gardens Galore

 I saved these off the BHG site.  They looked more like real gardens and outdoor sitting areas than some that you can tell are super staged just for looks.  I can imagine one of these at any of our homes being a place to relax, enjoy company, sip tea or whatever beverage you prefer .   I'd like to sit in several of them even in the colder months with a blanket - hot tea and a good book.  I don't limit my outside sitting to just the spring and summer.  Heck, I've been known to go out there and sit in the snow lol, or on a chilly fall nite and toast marsh mellows with the family and neighbors.   I am so happy to be in a neighborhood where we all sorta match in how we are amused, entertained and enjoy spending time. We even all like country music .. Gotta love folks who listen to country music , right?  Right:)

 do any of you sit outside in late fall and winter? or is it just me:)

 This is my favorite because it looks like my Nana's cabin thats 5 miles from Cherokee, NC. She even has an old iron pot . We used to use it to have chicken stews for everyone to enjoy from miles around. ahh the memories...:)

 Thanks for visiting me and I hope you enjoyed your time here..

 I'll be playing at these parties when they open about 7 on tuesday evening.
wow party here 

Sizzle Into Summer party HERE 
Till next time...