Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chairs- Answers to Questions You Asked

I want to start this post by thanking Ya'll for so many kind and complimentary comments on my chairs.
Here are the chairs in their normal position.  I wish I could keep all that fruit and crackers out but my Pom girls might decide to have a party of their own:)

I would also like to thank Debbie for Highlighting my post on her Copy Cat Party and thanks also to the ladies who's parties I participated in ,thus leading many new friends and followers to my blog.
Having you visit in my home is an honor and the comments you left are humbling to me.

  I thought it would be easier to answer the questions I received here... This way if you forget, you can come back here and take a peek:)

 On my craigslist chairs::Tutorial for Painting~
I used one medium thick coat of Kilz primer,,  without it, the paint wont go on as smoothly nor will it last as long, not to mention it would have taken 5 to 7 coats to completely kill the colors in that fabric..
once the kilz was thoroughly dry approx.  3 hours- longer if its a high humidity day, 2 layers of BEHR cool white latex satin- let each layer dry completely..
 Then wait 48 hours and wax-- I used Clear Paste Min wax, for me it works the best on painted fabric.

You asked me how they look and feel..?I'll try to describe that as best I can.  If fabric and leather were able to be mixed 50/50   that's how it looks and feels.  If you have a very DRY climate- I would'nt suggest doing it at all..  I live in a humid climate and during the winter when the heat is running constantly I give any painted fabric a coat of wax ~ whether it looks like it needs it or not ~ and then I buff it.. ready to sit in after 24 hours.

My Wall Color::
 Sherwin Williams, Relaxed Khaki - mixed at Lowes in Valspar Satin..
I love this color and suggest it all the time to folks looking for the perfect neutral. It truly goes well with any other color you bring in the room. 

My Houndstooth Rug::
available at in varies sizes.  Mine is a 5x7 and I wish I had gotten the 8x11 and I will after Santa brings my Christmas money  , giggle.  Then the smaller one will go in the family room and the new larger one in the living room.    I have looked at many styles but this one always seems to suit my decor.. The pricing fluctuates so watch for a sale... I think right now the 5x7 is 189.00 but I got mine for 129.00 on sale and free shipping.

My Teacart:
 This I found on craigslist for 20.00 and I have no idea where to find another. Wish I could be more helpful .
Those of you looking for one-  check CL everyday and call around to your favorite thrift stores and tell the owner/clerk what you are looking for and to call you if one comes in..    I got a 200.00 :: watch me spell this wrong folks--Martha Stewart  Demilune table for get friendly with those thrift store clerks. They see things before anyone else does:)    Good Luck and I hope all who want one , find one.

Lanterns on Fireplace mantel::
Pottery Barn 2 years ago.. not sure they have that same piece any longer.

Hurricane used on  Teacart::
 Walgreens-- and yes I mean the drug store lol... I saw them again last year- 2 for 15.99 ..

I hope I did'nt forget anything.  Some of you I answered by email but in case it went to your spam folder, the answers should all be here now.  Now get out those rollers and brushes and give it a try.. Paint a pillow from goodwill or a yard sale as your experiement piece so then you'll feel more confident with larger items.  Make sure to wax well and buff- that makes all the different in the feel of the piece.. In the event that it should EVER feel sticky to you, a little baby poweder rubbed in will fix that.  I have never ever had a sticky problem but just wanted to add that since my friend Mary Ruth brought it up in her comment..
I cant wait to see your creations ~!

 Thank you all for a wonderful experience.   I truly appreciate it..

Love and Hugs and All good things to each and every one of you and all your kin too..