Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished Projects Finally

  Hi Folks..

 No I didnt get Lost I just got super busy ..  God moves in mysterious ways and I try to follow even if I dont understand the why's of something.  I've found this works best for me and my life and I do have to say on the occasions when an angel tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear and I DIDNT listen, the outcome wasnt pleasant.  So trust me, I listen and follow along with complete assurance that I am doing the right thing and going the right way.
   WE ARE MOVING..   I'll post all about that when I have photos to show and stuff to tell:)
 While I've been busy looking at homes//27 of them to be exact~!!! Several of them I saw twice or thrice lol.. I also managed to get a couple of projects done here that I've procrastinated about far too long.

  The dining room in this home has no window , though it does get light from the rooms its open too.
 Still the back wall was too dark and needed something.. I added a skinny table, some decor and 2 lamps.. This is so much better to look at especially at night.. You might also notice I am out of my brown addiction and added a punch of blue .. we are lovin it..

 I think I showed Ya'll this secretary 2 years ago and wrote beside of it the different ideas I had to change it.
  as it arrived in the oh so beloved golden oak- NOT~!

I ended up keeping the top and bottom together. Painted it with  chalk paint and clear waxed.  I have no doubt in a short period of time it will DISTRESS itself as my painted furniture has a tendency to do:)
 it will be going with me to the new home though I am not certain what room it will be placed in.
 I also used some blue and white in here... I hope you like how it turned out, I sure do.

  I need to recover the chair seats and make a couple new pillows but that will have to wait a few weeks till I get packed and move.
  More on the moving-- with pics-- soon..
 Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'll post more often soon I promise..

big southern hugs and happy FALL to ALL.