Sunday, February 27, 2011

See it FIRST, then Decide~!!

  I know we've all seen mood boards and posted inspiration photos but there's just nothing like seeing something in your own home on your own furniture to make a great decision about IF you really want to buy something. I can say its saved me lots of time not buying items and sending them  back and there's just no price for making making a purchase, having it arrive and then being very disappointed as it just doe'snt transfer from an advertisement- or store shelf-  to Our home.
 After giving this a lot of thought I'll be opening an internet business.. This service will allow you to do exactly what I described above for a very reasonable price ...
I'm joining these parties.. do go by and see all the lovely inspiration others have posted..

Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday
                                                                I posted this bed a couple weeks ago when I was thinking of painting my 4 poster cherry bed and I have definatly decided to do it as soon as other things settle down a bit..  in the mean time I've been Virtually testing different bedding - lamp colors - decor and lampshades.. Imagine if I'd have had to make these purchases in order to SEE them... just the wear and tear on my nerves would have been more than I could tolerate lol.....
If you like this idea-- let me know by emailing me .. My email link is right under my header..  Would'nt you love to see your own space transformed while you sit in the comfort of your own home at your computer screen..   I can add molding- change the color of furniture and let you see lots of different versions of projects you have in mind before you ever pick up a paint brush  or nail gun or whatever equipment might be needed.  With the price of gas being what it is, saving just one trip to the store is gonna be great ~!
Have you ever wondered what a piece of art would look like on your wall??  I can show you.. Want to see what new drapes would look like at your windows? New cabinets in your kitchen? change your counter top?
 Thats just the interior:) Imagine a new roof- siding color- shutters- landscaping. Oh my:)

   ok, ok 'll hush now and get on with the photos ..

The possibilities are endless... I'm thrilled just thinking about it..
 Maybe you have clients you'd like to show what you can do - In advance..
  Write me-- I know we can work something out that'll be wonderful for all of us..
We'll communicate about  what you have in mind and my prices..  I'll get a button made for this that will be clickable this week..
 In the meantime I hope you enjoy what I have done in these samples..
I love them all but will probably choose the most neutral...:)
 Yes, I know now that I've put it out there half the folks on the internet will be offering it too , hahahah.. but remember your Pal Sonny offered it here... We'll have a great time together..
Below- I changed it to aqua's and blues..  this is the same bed I posted 2 weeks ago with the Brown bedding..  the blues look great and I may change my mind if  I keep looking at these photos..
 I changed the lamp color- the bedding- the lampshade and added a little blue here and there..
Sure makes a difference does'nt it..
rememeber the original brown bedding.. its fine but not what I had in mind for my room..
I was actually showing this Paula dean bed as inspiration for what to do with my own..
In this I found a love lavendar quilt set and changed the accessories accordingly... I love seeing a room transformed right before my eyes and I know you would too..
 In this sample I keep it soothing and simple.. I am 90% sure this is what I'll go with but it was so much easier to make this decision since I could see my other choices and not just wonder what they'd look like..
  I sure had fun with this and I am so happy you stopped in to see me..
let me know if I can help you SEE a change in your own home...
ps- any suggestions for my new business name would be great too.. Cant wait to hear from ya'll..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Transformation is 15 minutes or less:)

Ok I know doing it in psp is sorta cheating but but but.. lemme splain it to ya Ricky:)

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.. ya'll do go see all the lovely transformations folks have posted for her party..Meta Monday ~!
As most know, I'm looking at homes in AZ , so we can do a whirlwind tour and decide which one to buy.
I kept thinking-- whats wrong with these places lol...  I mean some are very nicely built- decorated and maintained but even on those there was something missing..  Definately on those that are unoccupied SOMETHING was mega wrong.. Then it hit me this morning.. the windows dont have grids or molding.
The rooms dont have crown molding.. Whats up with that??  
 I may not be able to change the outside since the HOA's there have their finger up-- I mean on your pulse every minute but I sure can change the inside to my liking.  I mean seriously if you cant sit in your home and see what ya wanna see, then it just isnt much use to be on this planet anymore.. Or thats how I feel..
  Some folks were meant to live in a Cape Cod home in Maine but since I wont be doing that, I'll just adjust where I am to what I need it to be.. My Grandma said there was more than one way to skin a cat:: sorry Kitty, no offence meant::    Can Ya'll hear me channeling frank Sinatra and singing " MY WAY"  ..
 I grabbed one of the empty rooms off the realty site and played with it a little.. took me about 15 mins to go from utter Blah to ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yahhhhhhhhhhhh~!
It'll look a lot better in real life-- but these mock ups give you the general idea of how a plain space can get some soul in about a day for a cost of between 80.00 and 160.00  .. Since I can cut/nail gun and paint the molding myself , my cost will be 80.00 or less- even when I add the cost of the exterior flower box which I must have so I'm looking thru the window and something I want to see versus gray grass or brown sandy dirt....If I start early one morning I should have it done by dark.
 I'm feeling better already knowing I have a plan..
I'll show the daytime mock up first and then the before photo..  I dont wanna scare ya with the before first lol..
 heres the door window area with white 2 inch blinds and grids added and just some molding from lowes or hd...  easy peasy.

here's what it looks like on the Realty site, which I guess is a good thing cause if it looked like my mock up they'd want twice as much for this home..  yea maybe this will be a new career for me.. ya never know, huh..

 Just for fun I had to try to take my day time mock up to night time..
Already thinking about molding in every room- white painted cabinets and black knobs...
But for now heres the nighttime mock up of just one wall... I just noticed those skinny baseboards will need to go too and some 4 inch be put in, OR I may do that trick where I add a shim piece 2 inches up from whats there and paint the trim and  in between section of the wall to make it look like 4 or 5 inch baseboard molding....  My mind is going a mile a minute, can ya tell..yes indeedy, now this I can live with and it;s such a simple change..
Ok , dont be shy- raise your hands and volunteer to come help me...

thanks for taking this virtual journey with me. We have miles to go before we move and more after that, before we Sleep...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gathering Decor Inspiration for the new Home

 Ok I said for the new home but ya never know I might recieve a Miracle and get to stay right here:)  well, I can wish , cant I?  sure I can.. Doesnt cost anything to wish..
  It does seem rather likely I'll be moving though and I want to be ready for all new decor if I do..
 I finally found a bed I would love.. This is Savannah by Paula Dean and its about 1,300.00 00.. I wont be buying it - but I figure if I paint the 4 poster cherry bed I have, I can get close, so I'm gonna do it.
I've never been happy with the cherry, so I got nothing to loose...

 I want a light bright bedroom and by using this as inspiration I believe I can acheive it.. I wont be using brown bedding.. Not sure what I will use yet but not brown:)
I have a bed bench-- so paint the legs and recover and that'll work.. Then all I have to buy is a could nite chests and I'll be set.  I dont like alot of furniture in my bedroom so no chests or dressers..

I had something like a green toile in mind.. heres a sample pic-- but I wont be using a throw that color.. yikes lol..
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me..  I wish I could be here and posting more often but right now theres just no time..


Monday, February 7, 2011

The Journey to AZ

 As of 9:47 am est... the career position sought was given full steam ahead, so the move to AZ is on and at full speed~~ Yikes
I want to thank all of those who stopped by and commented on my last post.. All who prayed and sent good wishes and thoughts..  I sure have fabulous bloggy pals and I appreciate you so much more than I can express..

  I've been in the process of having our present home brought up to the standards of a 2011 model home as possible and thats taken up most of 8 days and some nights but only a few more tweaks to go..

 The reality :: I meant Realty:: agent was here yesterday to look things over and measure--- get all the details and make out all his paperwork which I'll have to read over and sign..   I can honestly say its like having the world spin at 20 times its normal speed and holding on by my pinkies-- but Holding On...:)

 As it stands now I have about 45 days to
1. find a new Home
2. close on it
3. have the movers load everything up
4. get all the details and technicalities taken care of here
5.  get on a plane and beat the movers to AZ--:: please pray for good weather :: hehehehehe
6. I'm  having my pom babies brought by a transporting company that has great reviews about a week later in order to get everything in place and their room set up.. YES, they have their own room .. I know , their spoiled but this is how I raised them so I have only myself to blame. 
I'm sure when I have some time to sit down and get quiet, I'll cry and I'll go through a grieving period, which would only be normal when leaving the only home state I have known since my teenage years.. I dont fight that sort of thing as I truly believe grieving is just as much a part of life as anything else.. So I accept it and will take the time to do it..  Hopefully that wont last long and I will make me memories in a new place and look joyfully towards each new day .. I know for sure there are all sort of things to see and places to go..

I realize there are so many important things in life for ya'll to think about but if you can squeeze me in your prayers and good thoughts, I'd be so thankful...

I'll post the home as soon as we choose it and be sure to show ya'll the kitchen first hehehehe.. We blog ladies know what's vital, right:)

wavin and smilin