Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cheap-Cheep Cardinal Wreath

I finally got my door wreath hung and photographed.  My neighbors seem to like it as they have all stopped by to let me know it makes them smile as they go out in the morning.

   I choose to go with red accents this year as I did purple last year and persih the thought that I do the same color two years in a row,, giggle.

 The Cardinal is our state bird so I got 2 of those at my local craft store as well as the red and white polka dot ribbon.  Someone in blogland- Pat at Back Porch Musings, I think- did polka dot ribbon last year and I loved it so , Sonny See - Sonny Do:-)

 I had the grapevine wreath and the twig birdcage- sprayed those lightly with white spray paint, the 1.00 a can stuff.  I didnt want it solid white, more like a white wash and I am tickled with how it turned out.

 If and when I ever get the rest of the porch done I'll show the entire project to you, really I will..

Grape Wreath Before:::  I got it at goodwill for 1.00 . it had some garish ribbon and flowers on it so I tossed those.   I sure got a dollars worth as I used it as it arrived to do my fall wreath.
Twig birdcage- also a goodwill find 4 or 5 years ago for  50 cents..  I love 2nd hand shopping for the unique items I find as well as how much money I save.  Then add to that the fact that if I want to change something and I mess it up- I havent lost a fortune, so I can go further out on a limb with my creativeity.
 Thats my thinkin anyways:-)
one more after.. cardinals-- 1.50 each
                        ribbon -----2.00 for a yard
  faux florals from my stash..
 so again, here's my Cheap Cheap-- Cheep Cheep  Wreath..
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