Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Living Room Mood Board

   Hi Folks.

  Did ya'll think I got lost:)   actually I sorta did.    
 Its been a very rainy week in NC and I'm still in the process of setting up 2 new windows 8 computers with all the programs we need for work and play around here.  Its going very well but to give my mind a rest in between reading xhtml's and finding patches so old programs work with this new process I've been making a mood board for the Spring living room decor.
   I have shelves full of accessories,,   lots of live plants to sit around and more than enough wall decor.
 The sofa and rug were in place back in november , so lamps chairs and fabrics were what needed to be chosen.

    Hopefully by mid march I can have my pillows and drapes made and the other items in place. I've decided not to rush this process and just enjoy it.    For the winter season, things will be swapped out for the black white and apple green but I think the additions of aqua teal and varying shades in between will be nice for a spring/summer room.

      thanks so much for stopping by to see me.   I'll get back to posting more often soon.
 In the meantime I sure am enjoying coming to visit ya'll..

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 see ya soon