Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Bit of Bloomin Goin' On

 Happy Sunday Folks~!

 Lets dont even talk about the front yard , which is mostly BARE NEKKIE.  We had the front trees and shrubs taken out last august as a couple of the trees were damaged by a storm and the shrubs sorta got squished and the others looked bad cause,, I didnt have them trimmed correctly.    Now, let me say that while this sounds awful, its OK when I consider it in relation to what others in this world are going through..    I am looking at the bright side and thinking how lovely and more efficient I can make it out there since I have way more experience and knowledge than I did the first time I came up with a landscape plan for this yard, 11 years ago..

 I see this as my chance to start all over... YES, there is a silver lining to every cloud and I am bent ,bound and determined to SEE things my way:)    Of course I do keep a set of rose colored glasses hanging right beside my dead bolt key set , so I make sure and slip them on before going out Front..   Dont need any RC glasses for the back dead bolt cause it looks GOOD out there- yeaaaaaaaaaa me.. Not that I wont go ahead and stick some pretties in the ground in back while I have two strong willing fellas to do the work for a minimal fee.
 I finally did the smart thing and called the high school and talked to the AG teacher who kindly sent a couple young men who need the money and know enough about a yard to help me get it fixed... Good for all of us, me and them.  I knew I'd have to spend some money and I am happy to know its going to a couple kids who really need it and appreciate it.    I even helped them get a nice place to stay- CHEAP- for their graduation vacation..  Am I a  Sweetie or what ,, giggle
 I stuck a little clipping in some potting soil and now I have THIS  - purdy aint it..

 I think I told Ya'll about the Bradford Pear with a strong will to live, last year..  I had them cut and the stumps ground down 3 ft below level and yet- a sprig appeared , summer of 2009 and I didnt clip it or spray it... Here she is, God Bless her sweet heart..  She's staying as long as I live here and beyond even that I hope.  Something with a will to live as strong as her's deserves to stay , dontcha think so..Crepe Myrtle I trimmed// or butchered as my daughter would say is already blooming out with fresh green leaves too..
 Maybe that happened cause I went out there several times and sincerely apologized to it for the crappy trim job I did on her and she forgave me...  
  I just transplanted this white azalea last year and my neighbor " mr know it fricken alllllllllllllllll about plants" said it would take several years for it to bloom again... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh   no Baby, you are wrong again..
 She's alive and thriving , I'm sure, partly because I told her what he said and I actually heard her reply : "fffftttt  on him, what the *%#( does he know anyway"..    
 Have I mentioned lately how much I love my plants and my yard and this Home I am so blessed to have. I dont say it enough and yet, they seem to know and that knowing gives them a special magic.. Bloom on my Loves, Bloom On..  
 as always, I appreciate you taking the time to visit me and read all my jabbering...  I kinda feel like I'm standing at the fence talking to my neighbors and friends when I post.  I hope you feel that too when you visit.
 I am always Thankful for Ya'll and happy to be a small part of your life.
 Love and Hugs and All Good Things to each and every one of You..
Ya'll come back to see us, ya hear~!