Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Copy Caddy or Caddy Copy

I am gigglin like a goon... I was trying to decide on what I'd name my post and copy caddy or caddy copy got me so tickled I had to wait a few minutes to post.. Its so nice being easily amused LOL LOL
 I always wonder if the neighbors can see me thru the patio door from their back patio and if they can they surely must wonder why I am sitting here all alone in amused histerics laughing my head off..   No one has called 911 on me yet so maybe they cant see from all that distance away.. thank goodness

 anywhooooo  on with da show...

I have seen silver ware caddies all over blogland and I've wanted one real bad but didnt wanna spend the big bucks for it.  I love the one advertised at Pottery Barn but,, $79.00 NO WAY..

 I was looking around at reclaimed wood projects and decided to take a peek at the Anna White site. Sure enough she had done a caddy using a reclaimed soda box.. and then, Inspiration Struck.. I had something I could use afterall so mine would be Free..  wooohooo Free is my favorite.. AND it would work well in my kitchen AND I could use coffee beans as a filler AND everytime I grab a utensil it makes the scent of the coffee beans go up my nose AND it opened up a whole drawer in my kitchen .. I can sure use it for something else. .. I see this as a WIN WIN WIN WIN  ..

 so here's my Copy .. I love it..  this was large enough to hold my knives- forks- salad forks- teaspoons- ladle spoon ..   with the plates stacked in back , no one visiting will have to go thru my cabs to find stuff. Just grab a plate and silver and fill your plate..   
This is what I copied.   Many thanks to Anna White.com for the inspiration.
I'll be linking up with DebbieDoo's Copy Cat party as soon as she posts it..
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I welcome your visits with open arms and a smile on my face.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Glass Lamp ala Sonny, more Pics

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I have been in LOVE with clear glass lamps forever..
 I've commented on everyone thats been posted in blogland and admitted how jealous I was that Ya'll had them and I didnt..
 I searched the web 2 or 3 times a week, hoping to find the kind I liked on sale-- to no avail-- sad face....

 I needed some vitamins and had to go to a health store across town for the specific ones I wanted.. Got there are 9, they didnt open till 10..  I was headed toward Hardee's for breakfast when in the distance I was a Goodwill sign..  Ya know the sight of a new to me Goodwill did away with my appetite immediatly and my little car made a beeline for GW and in I went.    Looked around a bit, didnt find anything until I looked up and THERE it was.. A GLASS LAMP-- I was stunned and for a minute I thought I was halucinating~!
 I walked over, picked it up, $5.00   yes thats what I said Five Dollars..  I wanted it even if it had to be rewired-- luckily it didnt- plugged it in and it worked perfect and it took up to 100 watt bulb..

 Heaven, I'm in Heaven and my heart beat's so that I could hardly speeeeeeeeeeeeeeak..  That was me singing , in case ya didnt recognize it , LOL..

 They gave me the dirt and fingerprints for free . Then I spied a box of GREAT shells for only 1.00..  This was so exciting I almost forgot to go back and get my vitamins.. Trust me folks- thats Excitement Personified ..

here it is on my bedroom chest all clean and full of shells.. even has a shell motiff on the base.
updating with a daylight pic.. sorry the other is so fuzzy

Here's the one I found online last month and Almost bought...  yikes YIKES
This is what it looked like when I got home with it..see what I meant about the dirt n fingerprints:)
also the basket of shells and the Clock-- which I also redid and will show in a different post..
all these bargains set me back 7.50  wooooooooohoooooooooo

I'm still playing around with the accessories on the chest but I am super thrilled to have my lamp for a total of $6.00  shells and all...   I might even be willing to spring for one of those pottery barn rattan shades since I got such a great deal on the lamp....
Thanks for stopping in to see my transformation.
hugs and happys to all of YOU..

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Pin Party ~ Shell Decor

I'm playing in Laura's new Pin Party...
I sure hope I did this right , giggle
I love this photo and then I found the original source and all I can say is OH WOW..
If you want to see some great shell decor- do visit that link too..

Cant wait to see what Ya'll pinned this week.
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Happy Friday and Thanks so much for visiting me.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The AS French Book Winner Is ~!

 Morning Folks..

 We had a big ole storm last night so I couldnt get online to announce the Giveaway Winner.

 I bet ya'll thought I forgot.

 The winner is ~ Sissie  from Sissie's Shabby Cottage..

 Many thanks to all who entered..  I have 2 more decor books I'll be giving away so watch for those , 1 in august and 1 in september..

Happy Sunday

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lovin GREEN ~ my Giveaway

 I got an email from BHG this morning and went straight to their " Decorating with Green" article..
 I LOVE green in almost every shade and tone.  That was always my favorite color, even as a small child.
 Whenever I was given a choice of anything, I choose Green.  My grandmother knew about Green tea wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before it become a popular drink and yep Green Tea is what she gave me.
 I wanted to share these green room samples with Ya'll just in case you dont get the BHG emails and might miss them..   Some are subtle, some dramatic, some sparse and some vibrant . I love them all and couldnt choose a favorite..  I saved all the samples and plan to use one if DebbieDoo ever has another copycat party..  so without further ado-- or as its said in the South, I 'll Hush Now  lol..

 enjoy and lemme know which is your fav in your comments.  It always makes me smile when I look back and see which one the majority thought I'd be doing a copy of..

oh yea- ya still have till saturday at 5 pm to enter my giveaway. I'll be posting the winner a bit after 7 pm. click on the link below - follow me and leave a comment on That Post..    Good Luck..
Annie Sloan French Look Giveaway

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Annie Sloan French Look ..Giveaway

 Its time for a Giveaway here on Dream Lane. 

Annie Sloan~ Hardback Book full of her techniques and Many Beautiful Photos.

 I know many of you transform furniture pieces into new treasures , so this book should be right up your alley :-) and even if you dont it makes a nice coffee table book for guests to look through.
 I wont make you jump through hoops to enter this giveaway. All you have to do is be a Follower~ that's easy enough, right?  
 Giveaway ends~ Saturday July 21st 2012  so you have 7 days to enter. I'll announce the winner that evening after 7.

 Its a rainy day in NC and I for one am very grateful. Its been hot and dry , then the last few days only in the 80's and lots of liquid sunshine .. My plants and trees all all smiling and so am I.

 Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tea Cart Tinkering

 Hi Folks..

 I'm back from Nowhere , giggle.  Thursday about the time we were all packed and ready to leave my Daughter said " I feel funny" . 10 minutes later it was obvious- I'll spare ya'll the gory details- we knew she has a tummy virus..   We brought everything back in and she basically went to bed for the next 4 days.. Then, as it usually happens around here, I got it.~!    All better now and we are thankful for that as well as the fact that we werent several hours down the road or at our destination.  When your sick, you just want your Own Bed.

 Time to rest and think was a vacation of its own though and I have decided to return to reborning- Part Time..    I got away from it for awhile becuase I tend to let things consume me.. I've promised myself I will work only a certain number of hours and only a few days a week. No staying up all night and forgetting to eat. LOL.

 If you'd like to take a peek-
Babies For YOU~ Savannahs Sweeties
  The link is also on my sidebar

   Some of you may remember this tea cart I purchased 2 years ago..  I still love it but have been thinking it might be time for an update.   I'll be using my own formula of chalk paint but am unsure what color would be best..
 White or more of a pale grey- what say You?
   Its good to be back.. I have missed Ya'll bunches
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