Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Front Porch Sneak Peek and If YOU Featured Me

   Let me start this post by attempting to express my severe embarrassment:(:(    As many of you know I am no anxiety and depression medication.    Being in my late 50's and never having been a medication taking person-- this stuff is helping me alot in many ways but in others, its kicking my butt~!      I remember that in the last month or so- some blogs featured my posts.  I was Thrilled and I thanked them BUT  I cant remember who they were and if I saved their Featured Button, I cant find the folder I would have put it in  " see very shamey face here":(:(    so please forgive me- it always thrills me to be featured and I want so much to show off the blogs who did so.

  my email is right up top and it would mean so much if you could email me so I could come to your blog - get my feautured button and post it on my sidebar..  I dont take being recognized by ya'll lightly believe me..

  signed::  shamed and embarrassed Sonny


 now on to the sneak peek:)    in the short intervals between rain in the last 8 days I've been out on the front porch adding and taking away accessories , as well as trying to decide on pillow fabric.
  I found the teal n white bird pillow at lowes-- Love it~!  10.49 on sale-- wooohooooo

  Do ya like the floral I choose or is it too bold?   How about the colors?   It takes a little something to show up when your home is solid brick ..   Please leave an honest opinion in your comment..
  I appreciate your help and suggestions..

 Use this Fabric?
Use something more Subtle?
 Use solid or stripe instead?

What say You?
thanks for Visiting.. I appreciate it and you add lots of smiles to my days.

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