Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aqua~ Touches of Color

  I know many of you like Aqua:)
For several of you it came up in the color quiz I posted...  For me,this represents just enough of this color without going overboard...
 Love the dining chairs ~!
I'm always amazed at what just a touch of color can do for a space. For spring this looks like just enough without being too much and of course for fall or winter a darker tone could be added for a small financial output and you'd have a whole new look..
 Knobs and pulls still need to be added.. I'm thinking pewter or stainless steel would be a nice touch..
 I really like the pale grey on the walls. These tones just might help during the summer to mentally cool the hot humid days..A few beachy items would be a great addition too.
 Can ya'll tell I'm searching for ways to beat the heat before it even gets here, giggle.

Thanks for stopping in to see me. I always enjoy your visits and appreciate your comments..
Forgive me for not posting more often and for not visiting you as I want too.. Right now is just a busy time for me but I dont want to take a real break from blogland.