Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Color Choices

  Hi Ya'll..

  I'm still here:)   wow its been awhile and I want to thank you all for not unfollowing me.. That was mighty sweet of ya..:)    Lots of stuff has been going on since the end of January and not much of it was Decor..
 My favorite carpenter Paul is finally back in NC.. He had to leave for 2 months and tend to fixing and selling his mother in law's home in California.  What he thought might take 3 weeks took a lot longer but thats how it is with remodeling. You never know what you'll run into.    Now that he's back , I have a full page list of things I want him to do.

  This little break I took actually gave me plenty of time to sit and look at my kitchen cabinets..    Glad I lived with them a few months and didnt jump right into painting them.
  However the browny tone Hickory color just isnt working for me..  Its time to PAINT~ !

  I showed ya'll the kithen back in late jan..  but I'll add a pic of it here to refresh your memory.  granite counters in  brownish greys combo-- neutral enough to go with anything..  Tile backsplash-- its beigy grey.. all stainless appliances and hickory hardwood floors/darker than cabinets..    Basically a blank pallet.
I got a sample pic of one door , took it to my art program and colored them as
 I am hoping you'll help me with this.. 
I'll be using kilz and Valspar satin.. I have my own tints so if they end up glazed I'll take over from Paul at that point..  all he has to do is the tough part  giggle.  sand prime and paint.  easy peasy, right? 

 so here are the samples.  If you comment and I hope you will- Please state your color choice and why ya choose it..  Thankies:)
Weathered Grey---original Hickory tone---Navaho White

Palest Sage---Teal Blue--Antique White/pale grey glaze

  Should I say which one The Daughter choose lol..  dont be influenced by her please. Antique white-- she is rather conservative.

  What I do, can be undone or redone, so dont let that effect your choice either..
the interior decor has a blend of all these colors- so NONE would be a wrong choice-except for the hickory lol.

   Thanks again for not giving up on me and for your very valued opinion..  Means a lot to me..
  Big Southern Hugs to ALL of YA  ~!!!

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