Friday, February 17, 2012

Such Pretty Kitchens

I dont know about ya'll but I never tire of looking at pretty kitchens.     Seems like I find at least detail in each of them I'd love to have.  Not sure if I put all those together how good it would look though...
{{{ all photos courtesy of Country Living}}}  one of my favorite magazines..

  I cant choose a favorite but I can say which thing it is I love about each of them..

  The little shelves on the cabinet edge at the window takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen. She too grew herbs in a clay container. 

Love the wood paneled wall and wire basket, as well as the glass doors on the cabs.  Black wouldnt work for me but I can sure see it in a room with lots of light ..

If  I had windows in my kitchen I'd put a shelf over them just like this one. 
Love these cabs that go all the way to the ceiling- especially since they have glass fronts.  A friend of mine ordered the very same bar stools as in this sample. 

I seriously think I need to add a column at the end of my bar- heck, maybe both ends and attach latern lights to them..  Love that idea.

 I would love to have that red and white checked rug on the floor.. 

Love the wall art over this stove.
Black and white checkered floor- oh baby, I want one~!
Love the plate rack style cabinet.
  I hope you found something you liked here..    thanks for stopping by to visit me and these pretty kitchen.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank ya'll for going to visit Lora in my last post. She is thrilled to have so many new followers and comments..   Thank You.