Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday by the Fire

  Good Sunday morning everyone...

  I just had to share this with you all..  We got a new 60 inch flatscreen , which was great except for the fact that it dwarfed the TV cabinet we had purchased for the 36 inch tv or maybe it was a 42 ~ anyway it was much smaller lol..

 About the same time we decided the family room needed its own heat source .. An fireplace with remote control sounded great to me.. The search began for a combination media center and firplace began.  I searched all over the internet and the ones that were large enough to hold that "JINORMOUS"  tv and a fireplace with sufficient btu's to heat the room were outrageously priced- or at least I thought they were..Prices ran between 1,300.00 and 3000.00...   You know how it is, you get one thing and then it calls for 3 more things , the money being spent turns into a lot more than was originally anticipated.. Well, that was the case for sure..
  We went to lowes for a new light fixture for the side of the garage and what did we spy the minute we walked in??  The perfect cabinet, style and size wise at a price I could live with.. 683.00   -- allllllllllllrighty, now were talkin:)
Not only was the size and style perfect but it was the exact same wood tone as the sofa table I have in front of my Faux window on the opposite side of the room as well as the antique table in the corner I found on craigslist... 
  We went over to the sales desk to start filling out the papers and the guy said- " would you like it assembled for free:  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh YES, we would... the ones online would have had to be assembled- so again , we were doing good ..  They assembled and white glove delivered it for FREE..  Sat it right in place and stayed to show me how it worked and all about the remote control.. 
 Those were 2 of the nicest delivery people I've ever had come to my home and I made sure to send a Thank You card to the store with their names on it... I'm pretty sure they mostly hear complaints and I wanted to be sure they were acknowledged for their Great Behavior and to know they were very appreciated.
I am looking forward to decorating this piece for the holidays... I havent been able to decorate on this side of the room ever before because the other cabinet was too small and had all it could do to hold the small tv..
I just had to share this wonderful purchase with you..I'm a firm believer in checking for items online but after this I think I'll start looking around first for items closer to home.  This same item was twice as much on the CSN site and even more at other sites... so, I'll be going to Lowe's and looking when I want something first.. May as well keep the money in my own area, doncha think:)
Thanks for visiting and sharing in my joy..
Happy Sunday~!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heart of the Home, Kitchen Party- I'm Late

Sweet Sheila said those of us who didnt get a chance to participate could still post our kitchens.. Is she the bestest Sweetie of all time or what:)   Bless your kind heart Sheila..
 I wanted to show my kitchen not because its one of the biggest and its certainly not the fanciest but OH BABY, I love my kitchen sooooooooooooooooo much...

click Sheila's link to see all the great kitchens there...

  I thought I better start with a picture of todays barscape- otherwise you might not come look at all..

We remodeled our kitchen-- umm wait- we actually took out the wall between the dining and kitchen and part of the wall between the original kitchen and the family room.. Then new oak cabinets:: which Mr. Dreams wanted: new sink, fauset, stove, fridge and dishwasher.    I knew when they set the first oak cabinet in place that it just wasnt going to work for me but at that point there was nothing I could do, so for 3 years I tried to live with it..
  Here's the oak kitchen..  Dont get me wrong- oaks fine- just not for me...
See what I mean?? It was fine.. I think anytime I showed it on the decor forum folks were always nice and said- Warm and Cozy..   so ok it was Warm and Cozy.. But folks- I wanted a white kitchen.. soft white, but white.. Every morning for 3 years I would start to round the corner from the living room to come through the dining into the kitchen and I would visualize seeing-- WHITE CABINETS, but once I rounded that corner, I'd see OAK.. Apparently this transformation was going to require more than Visualizing:)  dreaming or wishing. It was going to take cleaning sanding priming and painting....  About this same time Mr. Dreams wanted a Mancave built onto the back building.. We made a deal. I got a white kitchen, he got his Mancave...For me this was a WIN WIN cause I'd have what I wanted and He and his Pals wouldnt be in the house either lol..   I love it when a plan comes together- dont you...?
Doors off and cab surrounds painted... all ready lookin better:) wooohoooo
Dont be jealous of the lovely painters plastic decor.. You too can find this at your local Home Depot..
Doors back on ~ I was going through my Apple Green phase.. I do still love these colors- black/white and apple green and I often use them in different configurations depending on the season..Did you spy my black sink and fauset over in the corner... Love them~!
Just to show the remarkable different it makes-- white side only had primer on it but I knew it was gonna be great...
Its been 2 years and I have played with a few mock ups like- Glass in a few of the cab doors and a built in plate rack?  I still havent decided if I want to add these yet..

  What do ya'll vote for-- glass in the cabs or leave them solid??
 This is looking from the pantry door, through the breakfast nook and into the kitchen..
  Oh my, the breakfast area has certainly changed too :)  these were pics from last year...
  I just bought a new chandelier for the dining area from Pottery Barn. A 6 arm upswing candelabra style.
   Hopefully I can get that up before Christmas and make the shades for it..
Heres are a few more photos of this mornings barscape.
Thank ya'll so much for stopping in to see my kitchen, even though the party was yesterday...
Sheila, thank you for being so kind and allowing those of us who couldnt make it in time a chance to still be able to share our kitchens...
Happy Fall to ALL~!!!
Much love from Dream Lane, come visit us Anytime...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Fall for Ya'll

  I sure have missed you folks.. We still have another load to go to goodwill.  I knew when he mentioned cleaning the storage building we were in for a HUGE mess.. It still isn't a place of beauty but I can walk in there and see what I need to grab off a shelf, which is a vast improvement I assure you..
  The painters came and removed the many layers of wallpaper and patched all the holes and spots where the sheet rock tore away.. I love seeing pretty wallpaper in others homes but I don't think I'll ever have any put up again.. Its just too hard to get rid of..
  I'm participating in Meta Monday with Susan at Betweens Naps on the Porch.
 Please take a few minutes and go see all the beautiful transformations folks have posted for your viewing enjoyment..
 It took them 8 days to get back to me to sand and paint and then 4 more before they could come and caulk..
 sheesh-- it was 2 regular size rooms lol... but its done and if I hurry and decorate I might be able to participate in the kitchen party posted on the sidebar of my blog..
  During this same span of time we also got the trees and shrubs trimmed- new mulch and the house power washed... I like the idea we are going into winter with all the major things done.

Last year the rockers were black and could'nt be seen till you were actually on the porch..The garage door and porch ceiling were done in taupe.. I'd had enough of that and called the vinyl man to come and make a change.. We put in a stone walkway and were happy- at that time anyway..
Before- middle of the update..

   I did manage to finally make and get my fall wreath up.. I thought I better do it in traditional fall colors as it will stay up until its replaced for the Holidays.
 I found a birdcage made of twigs and just had to use it..  Right now everything is still fairly green here but in a few weeks that will change..   I used the pears , pumpkins and apples I see at all our local fruit markets.
 You can smell the sweet goodness of those places as you ride by.. Have I mentioned this is my very favorite time of year..  I got 2 large pumpkins and cooked them up this weekend for pies, cakes and breads this winter..   When I bake my pies and post them I'll add my great grandmothers recipe for ya'll..

 If you're going to add a birdhouse you must add a bird, right? :)  I hope the real ones dont peck at him.. Its small and fragile , cant fly away or handle much abuse...
Thank you for taking time out of your life to come and visit me.. I know we are all busy and especially so this time of year.. Its a joy for me to have you here..
  I hope to be able to do some visiting myself this week.. 
Happy Fall to ALL..