Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Fall for Ya'll

  I sure have missed you folks.. We still have another load to go to goodwill.  I knew when he mentioned cleaning the storage building we were in for a HUGE mess.. It still isn't a place of beauty but I can walk in there and see what I need to grab off a shelf, which is a vast improvement I assure you..
  The painters came and removed the many layers of wallpaper and patched all the holes and spots where the sheet rock tore away.. I love seeing pretty wallpaper in others homes but I don't think I'll ever have any put up again.. Its just too hard to get rid of..
  I'm participating in Meta Monday with Susan at Betweens Naps on the Porch.
 Please take a few minutes and go see all the beautiful transformations folks have posted for your viewing enjoyment..
 It took them 8 days to get back to me to sand and paint and then 4 more before they could come and caulk..
 sheesh-- it was 2 regular size rooms lol... but its done and if I hurry and decorate I might be able to participate in the kitchen party posted on the sidebar of my blog..
  During this same span of time we also got the trees and shrubs trimmed- new mulch and the house power washed... I like the idea we are going into winter with all the major things done.

Last year the rockers were black and could'nt be seen till you were actually on the porch..The garage door and porch ceiling were done in taupe.. I'd had enough of that and called the vinyl man to come and make a change.. We put in a stone walkway and were happy- at that time anyway..
Before- middle of the update..

   I did manage to finally make and get my fall wreath up.. I thought I better do it in traditional fall colors as it will stay up until its replaced for the Holidays.
 I found a birdcage made of twigs and just had to use it..  Right now everything is still fairly green here but in a few weeks that will change..   I used the pears , pumpkins and apples I see at all our local fruit markets.
 You can smell the sweet goodness of those places as you ride by.. Have I mentioned this is my very favorite time of year..  I got 2 large pumpkins and cooked them up this weekend for pies, cakes and breads this winter..   When I bake my pies and post them I'll add my great grandmothers recipe for ya'll..

 If you're going to add a birdhouse you must add a bird, right? :)  I hope the real ones dont peck at him.. Its small and fragile , cant fly away or handle much abuse...
Thank you for taking time out of your life to come and visit me.. I know we are all busy and especially so this time of year.. Its a joy for me to have you here..
  I hope to be able to do some visiting myself this week.. 
Happy Fall to ALL..


  1. Sonny, how nice to have all those things done. We need to do some major cleaning out around here. Your wreath is gorgeous and I love the added bird house and bird.

  2. Love the birdcage/wreath - so pretty on your front door!

  3. Oh Sonny, what a wonderful feeling though to be cleaning out. I really need to do that too. Your door wreath and front porch look soooo pretty and ready for Fall!!~

  4. Your wreath is precious with the little bird cage. I love it! You have a lovely home!

  5. Woo Hoo, Sonny, your stuff if done! I'm so glad for you and your entry looks wonderful. Your wreath is precious!
    You can come to my party! Another Woo Hooness! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Beautiful and so inviting. I love the little bird cage.. Linda

  7. Beautiful changes Sonny, much more inviting with your new walk. I love your wreath! That is just the cutest idea, with the most precious little bird too!

  8. I love that you have a covered porch, Sonny! I would love something like that, even if it's just to protect things I can put on my door! : ) {Not the people, but the things!} I have to hang everything between the storm door and the main door. Except at Christmas, I let the wreath hang on the storm door as you have done with your Fall one here. I usually hang a real one and I'm not concerned with it getting hit with snow and/or rain and cold.

  9. I love everything you've done! Your front porch is wonderful and I love it that you have columns also, like I have on my porch. That's a great idea to put a birdcage in a wreath.

    I'm like you, I like to go into winter with a clean house/porch front. Winter is so hard here in Oregon on our exteriors but starting out clean at least makes me feel better about the cold, gray, wet.

  10. YUMM-O! :-) Your home is soooo pretty...and I love your wreath with the little bird cage...

    Warm hugs,


  11. Very fall-ish! I love the way your project turned out. Creativity at its finest

  12. I just love that wreath!! The birdcage just really "makes it"! First time visiting and you have a lovely blog. I'm going to follow. Thanks for visiting me.

  13. How fun your wreath is Sonny...I really love the sweet bird cage in it..Wished I thought of that one..Oh well no big deal I will steal this idea ha ha!! Can't wait to see your kitchen my friend just know it will be fab...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


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