Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweater Ball for Christmas

 I know many of you are getting ready for the holidays so I wanted to repost my Sweater Ball for those who might be wanting a change of holiday decor without spending much or maybe any money..
  I have 5 little girls visiting next door and their Grandma needed something for them to do this weekend.
 I gave her a large carton of balls I've gathered during the year and a few sweaters-- she bought the buttons and ribbon..  I cant wait to see what they make.. 
:::  In case you ever change your mind and want to go back to the original ball it isnt hurt in any way, just unwrap and back to new::
  Just take any balls you have and any old sweater or get one cheap at goodwill.Mine was cream toned but it could be any color you'd like to use- even a patterned sweater would be fun.  Cut yourself some circles-- ENOUGH to cover the ball and an extra inch for the top.  Pull your sweater circle up over the ball and use a rubber band to hold it.. Then wrap with twine or ribbon,  add a few olld buttons or if you dont have any they sell them by the 50 pack at the Everythings a Dollar store and VIOLA, you have custom made, unique to You christmas tree balls, or where ever you want to use them..
 If memory serves I think I made 23 balls from just one large size sweater.  
  If you have leftover burlap or drop cloth or heck any fabric- you could use that..  The possibilities are endless and you dont have to even get out the hot glue gun or decoupage sticky stuff:)   
  Cheap, easy and quick~!  you know we all need this kind of project , especially during such a busy hectic time of year...

 Have Fun~!!