Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beginning of Family Room changes

 Let me say first that even I dont know how I tolerated being in this room for a almost a year while I tried to decide what I wanted to do out here.. I considered changing the furniture and then I thought, NO, its only 4 years old and this is where my pom girls come in the evening to spend time with the family.. So I had stanley steamer come and do a thorough cleanie and amazingly it looks like brand new.. Needless to say I was very happy about that...
  I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned in my blog how very much I like PLAID.. I had to learn that not all plaids belong in all rooms, which was a costly mistake in this case.. I bought wavery, lunchbox plaid and it was just too dark- to dull- not right for this room.  This is where I sit day and night, where I work and play, where I write, chat with pals and last but definately not least Blog  ...

  I lived with the wrong plaid almost a year.. I have tried thin, chunky, black, and white Rods.. None of them suited me.. I knew I had some wood and pieces of detail molding from other projects I'd done so out to the building I went and made myself a cornice.   I LOVE it.. Pretty detail molding for the crown and rope for the bottom, priming and 2 coats of paint later and she was ready to be hung... It looked so good I decided to go back and build another one for over the kitchen entry.. I see several more of these in my future in different sizes for different windows, but thats a project for later..
  I have enough of the new light happy plaid to make 3 toppers and a entry door panel and I just might be able to get a few pillow front out of it too.. I'm sure there's some fabric in my stash for pillow backs..
so here's the before and after to show you the direction I'm headed in and my beloved new window cornice.
 I did pretty dang good if I do say so myself...

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BEFORE-- ugg, yucko-- who's idea was this.....not sure why it always decides to rain when I start to make photos... its a conspiracy I tell ya...
Now, much better... This one project has spurred me forward to finish a room that has waited far too long for me to complete...I found the framed mirror at goodwill. It had a tropical tree in the top section which wasnt working for me at all and seemed like the perfect place for a G.. The next day I found a Large G at a yard sale.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it was meant to be.. A chunkier lamp and a few pillows tossed on the loveseat and I was happy.. The wt's are still being trained so hopefully in a few days, they'll hang straight and sweet.
 I wont show anymore till I actually have it done and finished. for this time anyway:)
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