Friday, December 7, 2012

Quiet Morning Christmas Tree

My guests are here but they are all asleep.   I thought I'd share a quick photo of what my view is, in the early morning as I have my hot mug of coffee.
 I have the fire going and apple cinnamon muffins are in the oven.   It wont be long before that scent has everyone waking up..
  The sun is just coming up and it looks like it might be a hazy winter day with temps only in the low 50's..
 We're going to see some of the local sites and who knows where that will lead us, so if I dont get to stop by your blog for a visit, thats why.

 The birds are just waking  and coming to the birdbath for their morning sip of water.  Its soooooooooo quiet..  Wish you were here~!

   I hope you all have a wonderful day~!
ps~  I was sitting at my desk when I took this photo.    behind each loveseat there is a desk and chair. The sofa's keep that part hidden and with the lamps they just appear to be sofa tables..  Just thought I'd explain that :-)  It allows us to play on our laptops without anyone ever realizing this also functions as an office for 2....