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Family Room-Part 2 ::Giveaway reminder..

 In case ya'll are wondering why I am showing you my family room-" in parts"- its because I am so slow going with it that its possible I could be putting up Christmas decor before I get all the way around it, lol..

 2 weeks ago I posted about the new cornice I built and the new light plaid draperies I choose..
 Thank you all again for such kind comments about that-- I really appreciate it.
Just in case you didn't see it-- here's the before and after of the patio door:: which is 2 inches off the opposite wall lol.. oui
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 I wanted to give you some background information about this room- which technically was never really meant to be one, that folks could function in.  It was framed and had a roof on it but there was no insulation in the walls- whoever built it stuck "storm windows" in and didnt even bother to caulk them and there was the cheapest thinnest faux wood  paneling they could find on the walls.  Suffice it to say, it was a real mess and none of this was obvious just by looking at it on a dry sunshiny day.. When it rained-- just a few days after I moved in- the window sills sat in water and the rest of it poured onto the floor, which was carpeted with that thin--no pad-- indoor outdoor stuff...   I used to have before photos but they are long gone.. Just try to visualize a room that completely flooded everytime it rained and had it not been for the glass patio door that led into the house- the water would have been in there too..     Lots of crying and wringing of the hands happened as well as some major cursing, ranting, raving - followed by more crying.   I had spent all my money buying the home for myself , my 2 children and 2 pets, as getting us into a safe, secure home in a decent neighborhood was my priority,,  so funds were extremely limited right at that time..  It took a few months of working 16 hour days and saving ever extra penny to get enough together to try to fix the room and make it livable and even then I only had enough for the materials and knew I'd have to do the labor myself-- with a little help from my teens.. I ripped out the windows - pulled up the carpet and had to throw all the furniture I'd stored out there away, as it was now molded..
  I reframed according to code,  insulated and put in a couple of triple pane windows-- a new entry and storm door and called it a weekend well done.  Each night after work I'd put up a few 4x8 pieces of sheet rock and by the next weekend it was ready to tape and bed..  Let dry a couple days and do it again, then the sanding and cleaning began. It took 3 weeks to complete this task and paint it from ceiling to new baseboards:)  The only thing I DIDNT do was lay the new pad and carpet myself.. I was tired and cranky but happy and proud at the same time...
  I think I forgot to mention that it was during this time that I came to realize just what a wonderful neighborhood I had moved into because these folks brought food-- took my kids to the movies-- came with their trucks and helped me get all the mess up and too the dump..  They offered to come in and help but I didn't accept as this was a project I wanted to do myself.  I knew I would be staying here and each time I looked at this room, I wanted to KNOW I'd done it myself.   Hard to explain to people but I just HAD to do it MYSELF.. and I did..
As most of you know each home has its own issues..  The way this room had been originally built had 1 issue I couldn't  overcome-- a large pipe running up the wall and through the attic AND the fact that this window HAD to be put 1 1/2 inches off the brick wall.. It would take too much to explain all the whys but it had to be done this way and has presented a visual problem for me ever since..
I decided to tackle this window before moving on to the easier ones and the entry door.. Is it perfect,, maybe not but trust me here, its the best solution to my problem.:)  The drapery panel you see hanging on the left side covers up that pipe and the fact that the window sits right on the wall made 2 panels too much . I love the light and seeing out so this is how it HAD to be.. It might not suit everyone but I love it..
 That black storage ottoman will be wearing a new dress made of beige and white toile the next time you see her .. I could have bought a beige one for 129.00 but NOOO- I got this one for 15.00 and I can make her dress myself for 10.00 and have her just as I wanted her..In the upper left corner of the photo you can see cornice no. 2:)  I had some extra wood out in the building so , why not make another....
Yep-- right behind that panel is where the garish pipe and blue internet cable is hiding but shhhhhhhhh, dont tell anybody , k?  lol
Wider shot to show how it looks with the new patio cornice..
deep sigh of relief and satisfaction:)
Now the rest should be pretty easy.. 2 window and 1 entry door treatment,, a couple of ottoman covers and some pillows and I can call her DONE...
  Thanks for looking and reading about what it took to get this to be a REAL ROOM.. I have to admit, I'm kinda proud of myself at this point...
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