Friday, November 30, 2012

Sneaky Peeky Treat for Ya~!

 I cant believe how many folks said what tease I was for sneak peek no. 1 :-).... So on that note, I thought I'd be sweet and bring ya'll a Sneaky Peeky Treat...
 There's iced tea- hot chocolate or coffee with 9 different flavors of cream for those of you who do not Imbibe ...
    Now please notice the bottle is full.. as Sheriff Andy Taylor would say " I've not had nary sip of it, not nary one"     hehehehe
  I think some of ya know I live about 19 miles from Mount Airy , which was Mayberry in the tv show. I do have to pass by Pilot Mountain,  or as they said Mount Pilot to get there..  A friend of mine has a Holiday display in a local shop in the downtown area and I just have to go see what she's created this year..
 Her craft style is quite rustic and doesnt really work in my home but I love looking at it anyway and I still have some extended family in that area so I'll stop in for a few quick visits..

  We are all so stressed and busy so I thought I would leave you this lil treat..  Now go easy, this stuff is rather Potent- heck its REAL POTENT..  I found this reindeer at goodwill and just could'nt pass him up..
His antlers are a bit askew, but heck so are Mine lol lol

  Enjoy in Moderation...thank you, The Management :-)
luv ya bunches
ya'll come back to see us, Ya Hear~!