Monday, February 27, 2012

Bed N Breakfast- Which One?

   I am taking a trip in mid april. Not sure yet where I'm going but I do know I'd love to stay at a bed and breakfast versus a hotel..

  All of these have horseback riding stables available and thats something we really want to do.   Looking forward to quiet time with some new scenery and of course ~ shopping at thrift stores and goodwills and out of the way local places.

   Just by looking at the rooms,  which would you choose?  I'm always interested in what thoughts and feelings a photo evokes..

 So tell me,  which room would you want to stay in..

 I guess I should say that the two with fireplaces and soaking tubs are high on my list of favorites:)

 thanks so much for visiting me .. you are always welcome here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Poms get a LIONS Cut?

 Two of my Pom girls go in the morning and I'm going to let my groomer do them in the latest cut, a Lions Cut.
  I havent told them this is going to happen, so shhhhhhhhhhhhh..... dont say nuffin lol

 They actually are quite paticular about how they look. I have a mirror in the floor of the bathroom and they always look at themselves in it.  Yes, 4 ego girlies I have, each primping and quite sure Thier tail swiches sways and swaggers better than the other 3.. They dont actually speak but I can hear them anyway , arguing about who's the blondest...

 They are also getting their nails painted in different colors.. Purple for Buffy Marie-- Kelly Green for Sassy Bella--  Maroon for Greta Gizelle -- and Tangerine for Nadia Rochelle.   I mean didnt you know Nadia would have to have this years color.. 

 I'll do my best to get each ones photo seperately and together  to show off their new look for 2012..

 In the meantime here's a sample photo the groomer will be going by..  The only question left to answer is Bows or No Bows in the ears..  what do ya'll think it should be? 
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Such Pretty Kitchens

I dont know about ya'll but I never tire of looking at pretty kitchens.     Seems like I find at least detail in each of them I'd love to have.  Not sure if I put all those together how good it would look though...
{{{ all photos courtesy of Country Living}}}  one of my favorite magazines..

  I cant choose a favorite but I can say which thing it is I love about each of them..

  The little shelves on the cabinet edge at the window takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen. She too grew herbs in a clay container. 

Love the wood paneled wall and wire basket, as well as the glass doors on the cabs.  Black wouldnt work for me but I can sure see it in a room with lots of light ..

If  I had windows in my kitchen I'd put a shelf over them just like this one. 
Love these cabs that go all the way to the ceiling- especially since they have glass fronts.  A friend of mine ordered the very same bar stools as in this sample. 

I seriously think I need to add a column at the end of my bar- heck, maybe both ends and attach latern lights to them..  Love that idea.

 I would love to have that red and white checked rug on the floor.. 

Love the wall art over this stove.
Black and white checkered floor- oh baby, I want one~!
Love the plate rack style cabinet.
  I hope you found something you liked here..    thanks for stopping by to visit me and these pretty kitchen.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank ya'll for going to visit Lora in my last post. She is thrilled to have so many new followers and comments..   Thank You.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Come Meet this Wonderful Blogger

I recently met the nicest Blogger.  She's funny, kind and generous and she lives in NC - wooohoooo..
 I came across her blog at one of the weekly party and stayed about an hour looking around.
 I commented and she emailed me and I am so happy to have a new Blogland pal from my own state.

  As I was looking around I noticed that while she has done some beautiful posts and lots of creative projects, yet she has'nt gotten many comments or followers and I thought, my goodness what a shame.
 As we all know, visits- comments and followers are what inspires us to keep creating and posting.
 I know I like a little applause myself lol.. It just tells me that I'm doing good and ya like me..

  If ya'll could take a few minutes and go visit her I know she's appreciate your visit and that you'll enjoy your time there...
 guess what else:)  she turned off her word verification. woop woop yeaaaaaaaaaaaa lol..
  I know you're gonna love her. 

Lora at My Indulgences

here's a sneak peek at one of the photos she took of her Living Room.. the gal has decor skills for sure:)

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Happy Valentines Day Dear Friends

I could'nt let this day pass without telling each and every one of you Happy Valentine's Day..

   see ya'll this evening for all the wednesday parties..

love and hugs and all good things

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ever Have a Vision??

Ever Have a Vision ??

 This is the stencil I'm looking for,  Blogger wouldnt let me add the pic to the bottom where I wanted it lol..

Do any of ya'll ever get a vision in your head and you just cant let it go?  Well I do.

 Several years ago I saw a picture and mentally it Stuck.  Nothing I have seen or tried since, satisfied me.

I got my "cottagey" bedroom about half done and stopped.  There was just no need to keep going with something I knew wasnt going to work for me and besides, it was'nt even close to my Vision:)

I dont know what style its called but to me the style is Perfect.  It may take me awhile to get there, but I've decided I'd leave my room perfectly plain than substitute stuff for what I really want.

For now- I have a request.. If you know where I can find this stencil, could you please leave that information in your comment or my email addy is right under my header up top- write me..

I appreciate Ya'll so much and thank you to those who wrote me and asked if all was OK...
Some family health issues going on and I'm helping as much as I can with that as I live closest to the relative that needs extra help.  I'll write more about that later.


Luv n Hugs