Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sneakie Peekie

   I'm making progress, slowly but surely.  It took me a while to choose a Theme but once I did the color was easy...  I mean seriously, do Cardinals come in other colors? nooooooo  lol.. 

   I woke up friday morning thinking about what I learn this past year about what were the most important things, what I loved and cherished,  what brought me Joy and Peace.  Beyond my spiritual beliefs , I most cherish my Child- My Home and My State.   I just happen to live where the Cardinal is the state bird and when I look up from my desk theres a crepe myrtle tree and many many times theres a Cardinal there eating or just perched on the limb..  It may be fanciful thinking but I believe they're here to bring me a special message or just to remind me of  what I love and to stop a moment and take Joy in it as I go about my day.

 I've always done a big bow as a tree topper but this year, This seems perfect to me. So I'm going with it.. Too much second guessing myself always gets me in a big ole mess.. 

  For someone who is very neutral oriented :)  I'm  amazed at how good the red I see is making me feel and I'm happy about that.    For so many years I was determined to do non traditional colors. I wish I had photos of my  silver trees--  purple trees- even lime green trees..   I'm starting to think someone really can change, cause I sure am craving tradition this year..  

   Thanks so much for visiting me even though I dont have a lot to show you this time.  I'll keep working on it and hopefully I can show you the finished tree by wednesday:)..  Then I can move on to the rest of the room.

I wish you a  Joyful Sunday ~!
 God Bless Us, Every One..      source- Tiny Tim