Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All the Fall I'm Doing

 I'm not sure why I cant get into the HUGE Fall,multiple displays this year.  Maybe its because I've been looking at them since the end of July~!  Here in blogland-all over the store- magazines-Everywhere.. 
No offence meant by that statement, just the Facts Mam' , just the

 I'll leave this display out a couple of weeks and then put it and all the rest of the fall decor containers away.
 The weather here in NC is wonderful..  Cool mornings and pleasant temps by evening..  Leaves are starting to fall and I notice the grass isnt growing very fast, even though we've had lots and lots of rain.

  and now- onnnnnnnnnnn with the show:)

I always like to see what things look like if life was done in black and white:)

The lantern you see in the photo was all Black but then I saw the white with black tops somewhere and just Had to make mine look as close to those as possible.      Black they were 16.00 each-- the white with black top lanterns I saw were half the size and 68.00 each  YIKES.. So for about 80 cents worth of valspar spray paint I got what I wanted and I am tickled with them.. oh yea- I did  2  but just one showing in this scape.
and a Fall Tag for anyone who'd like to use it..
As always ,  thanks for visiting me.  I do love having Ya'll here and enjoy reading your comments.

 Party at Pams.. Treasure Hunt Thursday

 Have a wonderful wednesday and Come back to see me, Ya hear:)