Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who's Copying Who- or is that Whom~!

 Any of ya'll who stopped by my blog around the holidays saw my twine covered fruit I made..
 I said then , it wouldnt be a month before one of the stores started selling it..

I opened the Ballard advertisment and what were they selling??
yep, you guessed it.. Twine covered pears...
I just have to wonder if They are watching us as close as we watch them:)

see what I mean...
20 cents each lol
I used brown jute twine since I was using brown plates...

alllllllllrighty  I have to get back to packing things and tossing stuff and making my charity boxes.
thanks or coming to visit me..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

INFO- for those doing the aged Books

I may not have titled this correctly.. What I wanted to say is, Big Lots and Ollies have hardback books for 50 cents.
 I have read on lots of blogs that folks were buying books at goodwill- thrift stores and other resale places and paying from $1.00 to 3.00 , so I thought this 50 cent info might be helpful since it isnt time for yard sales in most areas , where I feel sure you can find books for super cheap..

I just want to say HERE that the ones I've seen done by my fellow bloggers are wayyyyyyyyy prettier than the sample I found on PB.. but I'm giving them credit here cause it seems like the right thing to do so..
photo compliments of PB site..

 I got 3 to try this "aging books" technique on.. I am such a copy cat and I admit it.. I wonder if theres a
Copy Cat 12 step program.. if there is I need to sign up lol..

anyway, if your wanting to do the BOOK THING, 50 cents is a real good price..
You dont even need to mention to Big Lots  or Ollie's that Sonny sent ya.. I wont tell..giggle

Have a great day and keep aging those books and posting them cause I may need even more samples to go by before I try this..


Monday, January 17, 2011

Tea Tray Decor & A Baby

As many of you know NC was hit with a snow storm.. Some of it has lasted in shady areas and I just happened to have stepped in one of those and slipped.. ouchie.. sprained my ankle...
  This made for a great time for tea:)  Not one of my fanciest vignettes but very soothing. Then I quieted things down with just a candle and sweet little birds and this is how it'll stay till I can walk without hobbling..
so heres the tea...
Simple and quiet.. Just a candle and the birdies..
Its party time over at Susan's.... click on this link to see all the other great posts by creative folks who also joined her party..

BNOTP~ Susan's Meta Party
I hope this Baby adds to your viewing pleasure while you stopped by to visit me..  This was a custom order for an ethnic infant .. I had photos to go by in order to get the proper skin tone and I'm happy to say the new Mom was thrilled with her new baby..   I wish I could reveal my customers name but that wouldnt be ethical of me:) Suffice it to say I was NERVOUS while I made this piece of vinyl come to life and thrilled to receive the email that said:: " She's stunning and I Love her"... that and the 2nd half of my payment put a big ole grin on my face , hehehehehehe...
so here she is...
 I enjoy your visits so much and I hope you know you are much appreciated..
Thanks for letting me show you what gets done on Dream Lane.
Come back to see me anytime..


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping~ Whats Your Style?

I used to spend at least 2 days a week at the mall... I havent shopped there in 10 years except to park in front of and run into JC Penney's for something waiting at the counter for me...
I think its odd how folks shopping habits change.. Have Yours changed?? I'd love to hear about it if they have..

If you ever visit and see me out shopping- hollar:), yep thats right- just stick your cute little head out the window and yell.. We still allow that here in tiny towns in the south.. It isnt Uncouth its Friendly... I'll squeal, rush too your car with no worry about anyone hitting me or blowing the horn or cursing.. In fact a few other cars may stop and wave at ya too.. Just in case your my 5th cousin , twice removed on my fathers side..
 We take our relatives seriously here in the south and always give them a warm welcome..

  I find myself going , maybe twice a month to a  tiny town, shopping in small obscure shops.. Its convenient ~  its quiet, no long lines and always unique items.

 One of my favorite places is downtown Salisbury NC..  I also try to hit the consignment shops, goodwills and any craft stores I find on the side streets off main.
This tells you more about whats available than I ever could..

  I meet the nicest people in these places.. Most are friendly and chatty and I never wait  for someone to come around that knows everything I need to know about the items I'm interested in..
I know its easy to run in the big famous stores and grab what ya need and rush home but how are we gonna have time to chat if you do that?   We wont be able to walk around the corner and grab some fresh ground , hot coffee and a donut either....
  Our Mom n Pop stores need us to keep them open and I need ya'll to keep me company...

Happy Saturday..
oh baby, it just started to snow.. I gotta run outside and catch some flakes on my tongue..
see ya soon..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When to "Just Give IN"

 I cant believe its been 27 months since I got the 3 layers of wallpaper and 4 layers of border at the ceiling off the walls of my bedroom... Then I had all the wallpaper removed that was in the entire home and had them freshly painted.. This project took months~!   I redid the entire living room.. The kitchen was remodeled and painted , heck I even redid the dining and family room... Wanna guess which room NEVER got finished??  I'm pretty sure you can:)   
 I've posted about this before. I think it was a year ago now and I added about 7 sample bedrooms I really liked.  They never made it any closer to my bedroom than this blog page.. WHY?  cause I just cannot DECIDE what I want..

 This is how I feel.....

I could show you lots of pitiful photos of the DURING process but they wouldnt be of much help.. Probably just make your eyes to go wonky  and I dont wanna do that to my Pals...
I always do things on a budget but at this point , with this room, I'm about to say I DONT CARE WHAT IT COSTS ~!   gosh , do ya'll have any idea how hard that was just to type  .. hahahahahaha
Seriously, I'm getting desperate, can ya tell...  I've thought and thought about what to do, how to choose, where to look for inspiration and come up with NADA, NUFFIN...
Have any of you ever had this sort of design dilema??  What did you do?? How did you decide??
I'd truly love to hear your comments, suggestions, any tips you could offer..
I need HELP~!!!
Thanks in advance ...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

 I want to wish Everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011..
 Its been a joy spending the prior year with you and I'm looking forward to making and viewing lots of fun, informative and creative posts..