Monday, July 30, 2012

Glass Lamp ala Sonny, more Pics

Those of you who have followed me for awhile know I have been in LOVE with clear glass lamps forever..
 I've commented on everyone thats been posted in blogland and admitted how jealous I was that Ya'll had them and I didnt..
 I searched the web 2 or 3 times a week, hoping to find the kind I liked on sale-- to no avail-- sad face....

 I needed some vitamins and had to go to a health store across town for the specific ones I wanted.. Got there are 9, they didnt open till 10..  I was headed toward Hardee's for breakfast when in the distance I was a Goodwill sign..  Ya know the sight of a new to me Goodwill did away with my appetite immediatly and my little car made a beeline for GW and in I went.    Looked around a bit, didnt find anything until I looked up and THERE it was.. A GLASS LAMP-- I was stunned and for a minute I thought I was halucinating~!
 I walked over, picked it up, $5.00   yes thats what I said Five Dollars..  I wanted it even if it had to be rewired-- luckily it didnt- plugged it in and it worked perfect and it took up to 100 watt bulb..

 Heaven, I'm in Heaven and my heart beat's so that I could hardly speeeeeeeeeeeeeeak..  That was me singing , in case ya didnt recognize it , LOL..

 They gave me the dirt and fingerprints for free . Then I spied a box of GREAT shells for only 1.00..  This was so exciting I almost forgot to go back and get my vitamins.. Trust me folks- thats Excitement Personified ..

here it is on my bedroom chest all clean and full of shells.. even has a shell motiff on the base.
updating with a daylight pic.. sorry the other is so fuzzy

Here's the one I found online last month and Almost bought...  yikes YIKES
This is what it looked like when I got home with it..see what I meant about the dirt n fingerprints:)
also the basket of shells and the Clock-- which I also redid and will show in a different post..
all these bargains set me back 7.50  wooooooooohoooooooooo

I'm still playing around with the accessories on the chest but I am super thrilled to have my lamp for a total of $6.00  shells and all...   I might even be willing to spring for one of those pottery barn rattan shades since I got such a great deal on the lamp....
Thanks for stopping in to see my transformation.
hugs and happys to all of YOU..

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