Thursday, August 5, 2010

Roosters On Parade ~ ROOSTER GIVEAWAY~!!

  Rooster Love is new for me but I'm catching up on my collecting.   It seems like everywhere I go , I find items with roosters on them.  Plates~ cups~ pictures and actual roosters... Just as I started to make pictures today , the sky darkened and it came up a gollywhopper of a storm.. The the power went off.. It was a conspiracy I tell ya to try to keep me from showing off my roosters.. However, I persevered and here they are....
 I cant wait to see all the displays at Barb's Party..  Her link is on my sidebar.. Please click on that and see all the folks who are also showing off their ROOSTERS~!!  I think I read she'd be posting the party tonight..
  as soon as she does I'll try to get back here and add the actual link for ya'll
I thought this was a great time for a giveaway too....   I'm sorry to have to hold this to the USA only but the box will be heavy.. Thank you for your understanding..
  All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know you are a follower OR leave a comment and become a follower..   simple huh:)
4 plates~ 4 bowls and 4 mugs.. enough to have a rooster party of your own with some of your friends or family...
  Winner will be announced Sept 3rd..
Now on to my Rooster Displays.. Some new , some repeats.. You know how roosters are , they started crowing about wanting to be seen again:)
let the Roosters on Parade begin..
  My new mirror and plate display for my dining room.. Had to sneak this in here cause I love it~!!
I even have roosters on the floor... oh my , now thats obsession..
 These little guys are my WATCH ROOSTERS.. I see they havent been doing a very good job since the cookie jar is empty... lol
The big guy did alot better job keeping his eye on the veggies , I see... good boy~!
  Thats all for this time folks....
 While your here click on older posts where you will find some Freebies for Ya'll
Rooster tags--- Rooster Art--- and Labels for your canning or baskets..

Thanks so much for coming to visit.. It may table me a few days to come and visit all of the Rooster Posters but I'll get there, cause I dont want to miss a single one...