Friday, September 21, 2012

My Friday Pin

 I've been looking at a lot of wall art lately and then I spotted this on Pinterest.

I do like the way it looks but what I like even better than that is, I can make my own with my art program and save about 500.oo bucks lol..

Next week I'll post a few samples to show you what will be One of a Kind art.

  I dont like seeing what I display in my home every time I look at a magazine or open a blog post. Nope, I need original , all my own, one of a kind stuff- just like ME .. giggle.

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hugs and happy weekend

Small Fall, So Far

 Fall is here folks and I took a little time to make a small display.  Ya know how life gets busy and we just cant do all the things we wish we could.

 I sure have enjoyed looking around all over blogland and seeing the beautiful fall displays and pumpkin parties.
 Since my fall is small so far I wont be at any of the parties.. Just not enough to show off.

 Here in NC we have every color on display during this season.   I decided to make my basket with lots of things I love to see, so I added pumpkins , gourds, florals and seaside items too.
 Now if I only had time to stop and gather lots of goodies I see growing on the side of the road- awww- sigh.  I dont have that kind of time but I certainly do enjoy natures bounty . I know everyone thinks their state is beautiful but seriously, NC has it all and I love it.

 Its been in the mid 50's when I get up in the mornings and the air smells and feels so good. I absolutely
 adore this time of year , so I try to enjoy as much of it as I can with family and friends locally.
  We're going to the Farmers market this saturday and I know all the displays and produce will be Great. 
I'll be getting a few pumpkins to cook and freeze so I'll do a recipe post then as well as a tut on how I cook my pumpkins.. easy peasy- just the way I like it lol..
 I happen to have someone semi famous in my family and she is all about the Pumpkin:)  more on that later.

 My rooms- living family and dining are all on hold for now as I attend to other issues. Its very unlike me to be this calm and peaceful when a room isnt complete, but this time, I'm fine with it.  Life is good and when its all meant to Come Together, it will .. 
I'm joining the Make It Pretty Monday Party
 I am wishing all of ya'll a wonderful weekend.. Enjoy every moment~!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Makes my Heart Smile

I know its early but I love this idea for my dining chairs.Simple and sweet and could stay all winter.  I'd need to refresh the pine stems but thats easy cause my neighbor lets me clip what I need from his tree..
 Not sure what it is about the simplest things that makes me Heart smile, but this does.

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  ya'll make sure and go see all the pretty pins folks have posted..  You might find some things you'd love in your own home..

hugs and happy friday

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Williams Sonoma art Knock Off

 I got a email from Williams Sonoma and the first thing to catch my eye was their art work section.

 I do love their items and have bought several things from them in the last few years but nothing close to an item of this price.   I had to look twice to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me.. Have Mercy- as my Nana would have said...
    I really liked it , I wanted it for my new living room redo and it would go so well in the style I have chosen.
What style is that you ask? Its "California Country Ecclectic Potterybarnish Sonny Sonoma"
 Try saying  that 5 times fast:)
 I had a large frame in my stash from a yard sale..bout $2.50 as best I remember.  I had some script wrapping paper from ballards  .  If I put those 2 together would I too have a WS Farm log- well no, but I'd have script in a frame for about $3.00 total and I knew it would make me smile. So I did it and I was wrong about just smiling..  I was Grinnin' like a Goon the minute I hung it and every time I've walked by it since.

 sorry- no way I took it, could I get the room to stop reflecting in the glass.

 My neighbor came over on tuesday for an ice coffee , she looked, she grinned, she wants one for her living room..  I told her if she finds a frame , I'll fix her right up. Its her birthday in 3 weeks, so she needs to hurry up and find that frame..joining in the party below--
Feathered Nest Friday Party
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Classy Clutter Saturday Spotlight Party 
Thanks for visiting me and my new art..   Maybe in 1 more week I can have this room done and give ya'll a tour of it.. I Hope..
hugs and happy thoughts..

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty Fall Displays

Up to my elbows in paint , projects and working too...
 I did want to take a few minutes and share these great fall displays with you..
 I made myself a new header and changed my background to a more Fallish Color,  thats all the fall decorating I've gotten done .

It was 56 when I got up with morning at 4:30.  I grabbed a sweater and sat on the patio with my coffee.  I cant even describe how great the air smelled and felt..

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens..  They never fail to inspire me.

 This is my Favorite..  I hope I can find an old wheelbarrow before Next fall..

 Those pears made me laugh...
Thanks for visiting... I hope you are having a wonderful day..

Hugs and Happy Thoughts,

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall of the Past

I have so many new followers--like 152 since last fall-- that I thought I'd post my fall 201l photos again.

  Since I am in the 3 room redo right now , I havent done any fall yet this year.

Orange and Yellow and traditional fall colors just never have worked for me and I have always used whote apple green and taupe, which I've noticed in recent years many have turned to.. oh my , did I start a trend:)

 I hope you enjoy my 2011 Fall .. 

Happy Sunday and Ya'll come back to see me often ..  I love sharing my home with you..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cajun Shrimp YUM

 I gave this recipe a try wednesday night and it was a big hit with us.  If you love shrimp, this ones for YOU.

I made a big bowl of southern  slaw to go with it.  Spicy shrimp and cool  coleslaw makes a delish supper.

We had some left over so I'll put those chilled on top of our fresh spinach salad for lunch today.

I 'll add the link so ya'll can see all the great photos--read her wonderful  tips for purchasing shrimp.
::aslo::~~I left OFF the sugar and added 1 packet of splenda.  We dont like our sauses sweet and prefer spicier.
 I also used my Red Pepper spice from walmart cause its easy to find and very spicey
Here's the link forall the photos and recipe..Enjoy ~!

Many thanks too:::

Thanks for visiting me....Did ya'll notice I finally figured out how to answer your comments. wooooooooohoooooooo .. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Entry Shelf Inspiration

 Its a beautiful day here in NC.  Sun is shining brightly and I'll be able to do some painting..

After much thought , I am 90% sure this is what I will use "My Version" of in my new entry way.
 I am very fortunate to have used and taught PaintShopPro for 11 years .To me its the very best graphic program available.      I was able to take each sample I was considering --take a photo of my entry way--and simply SIT each sample into my photo:)  so much easier than actually having to DO each one to see  which looked and worked best, for my home.   As I said  my version wont be an exact duplicate- it will however be in this style..I think I'll save my completed entry wall for DebbieDoos copy cat party ..  so you will see this again along with Mine.

thanks so much for visiting me. always makes me smile to see you here..
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 Table down-3 to go

I sure seem to be slow lately. Doesnt take much to wear me out.
  I found this table on craigslist- they wanted 45.00 I offered 30.00 and he said ok.  I knew it would get painted and it had to have new knobs cause 3 of the ones on it were broken.

 48 x 36 was a nice size for the room I'm using it in.   I already had a side table, sofa table and kincaid cabinet , so a new coffee table was all I had to buy..  The other 3 are primed and slowly but surely I'm getting them painted also.

 I got lowes to mix Montery White , a BM Pottery Barn color for me in satin valspar.  For these pieces it was the perfect gray based white and I'm happy I choose it.

I sanded lightly and then sprayed on the primer and painted 2 coats.   Then I did a coat of clear minwax and I love how it gave it a soft smooth look and feel.

not decorated yet :)   but she looks good just sitting in the middle of the floor.
 I found the new knobs at lowes in the sale bin, 50 cents each.. sprayed them orb.

here she is in her original state.
1 more after... I would love to find a stencil for the flat sides and back section.   Not sure yet what kind, but something..  if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them..
Many Miles to go before I sleep..  giggle..
 I'm sure you noticed the sofa peeking out behind it. I'll take pics of that sometime over the weekend and tell you Its Story:)   This has sure been a odd decor journey for me and I have been so blessed to find things I loved.   I still need the carpenter to show up and do a few things so I can paint my entry wall and then get things on the wall..  Patience, Sonny, Patience:)   its all gonna happen and thank the good Lord, I wont have that one lone pumpkin sitting in the middle of the bare floor ..   I've avoided that nitemare:)

thanks for coming to take a looksee.. It means a lot having visit and comment as this process continues.
 I hope I get to take a break this weekend and make a few of those sweater pumpkins.  I have the old sweaters washed, stuffing and twine.. All I need is something to make the stems out of..
Tips and Tidbits at StoneGable 
 see Ya'll soon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Changes and Choices

 The 3 sofas I ordered,finally arrived..   Very nice and helpful delivery folks but that was the high point of that experience.  The sofas themselves were CRAP~!  We only took one out of its packaging , wrapped it back up and all 3 went back to the truck..     I didnt get disheartened,, just a bit disappointed.   I know things turn out exactly as they are meant to be and I had no doubt this would be the case in this experience.

   Sofas returned to the store-  money returned to my account and the search began again.

I was on my way  to do my grocery shopping and drove right by a local furniture store. On my way back I thought, oh heck, stop in there and just look.   In I went, and directly to my right sat a beautiful  loveseat n sofa set in a very very pale tan with tiny white threads running through the cloth..  the sign said- Last One, get it while you can and thats exactly what I did.    My soul was Singing -wooooooohooooooooo..  Looked great, sat great,price was fair, they could deliver at 6 that very same day.   Meant to be and I was certain of that.

 Now I need a rug- art and accessories , but the Family room furniture is in place and we are thrilled with it...
((The living room sofa saga continues , lol)) But I'm feeling very lucky and have no doubt I'll walk right in Somewhere and find the perfect one for Me.
 I didnt want to leave ya'll hanging and thinking I hadn't accomplished anything, so I am posting this  even though the redo isnt complete..  we are making Progress:)
  I gotta change the throw on my desk chair.. just now noticed that.. 
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Thanks for stopping by and I hope ya'll are enjoying your labor day.