Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sneek Peek-Front Door

Hi Folks..

::update to yesterdays post::  my family is fine..  Please keep praying for all those devastated by the az fire..

  Some of you may remember the mock ups I showed you of the front exterior of my home.

 Its slow going but I got my new door in and built my own sidelights.  To buy the door and have it installed would have been approx.  $3000.00, not to mention the noice and dust involved with cutting out brick and having to add a double header and ya'll know Sonny is too much of a penny pincher to spend that kind of money on one item:)  I mean sheesh I can do the whole exterior for less that that and as the weeks go on I'll prove it to ya.

  There will be lots of sneek peeks and then the final reveal..

here is the door I had- sorry the photo is blurry it was raining with I took this photo.  it actually looked better than this in real life- I think lol..
  I got out all my power tools and oiled them up..   Drew out my plans on paper and then one cut at a time and this is what I got...  There is still more molding to add- so it isnt totally finished but I did want to show you I was making progress..

   all my neighbors have been so sweet to come by and tell me how much they love it..
 I do too~!  It even makes my entry way and living room brighter and visually bigger.

  My pom girls are lovin' it too cause they can all sit and look outside. Gotta keep the pups happy , ya know.

  If it doesnt rain I just might get the cupola I built up on the garage roof.  Nana Diana and Marty- that was ya'lls suggestion from the mock ups and I'm going with it.

  Be sure to come back often as the changes will be many thru the next few weeks and months.

 It always fun when ya'll visit and I appreciate so much.

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