Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gathering Decor Inspiration for the new Home

 Ok I said for the new home but ya never know I might recieve a Miracle and get to stay right here:)  well, I can wish , cant I?  sure I can.. Doesnt cost anything to wish..
  It does seem rather likely I'll be moving though and I want to be ready for all new decor if I do..
 I finally found a bed I would love.. This is Savannah by Paula Dean and its about 1,300.00 00.. I wont be buying it - but I figure if I paint the 4 poster cherry bed I have, I can get close, so I'm gonna do it.
I've never been happy with the cherry, so I got nothing to loose...

 I want a light bright bedroom and by using this as inspiration I believe I can acheive it.. I wont be using brown bedding.. Not sure what I will use yet but not brown:)
I have a bed bench-- so paint the legs and recover and that'll work.. Then all I have to buy is a could nite chests and I'll be set.  I dont like alot of furniture in my bedroom so no chests or dressers..

I had something like a green toile in mind.. heres a sample pic-- but I wont be using a throw that color.. yikes lol..
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me..  I wish I could be here and posting more often but right now theres just no time..