Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roosters on the Floor

 To all those who complimented my former template , I want to say THANK YOU.. I have it saved in case I change my mind again, but I missed my big pictures  and the only way I can have them is to use the minama stretch..
Roosters on the Floor
Roosters on the Floor
Whatcha doin' there with them
Roosters on the Floor.. 
::if your wondering why I typed that~google the utube song, Pants on the Ground:: but I'm warning you that song will be stuck in your head for days..

I wanted to show ya'll one of my newest Favorites.. I know I should wait till the other two arrive and are down so I could show those too but I have no patience and I would have missed Laurie’s Favorite Things Saturday.   Please go visit her and see all the folks who have also linked to her Saturdays Favorites Party...
I'm adding myself to  the Sunday Party hosted by Chari at
Happy to Design

 Heres Mr. RooDreams a little closer.
I put this rug out in the family room where I have a few of my roosters displayed on a table. 

 I have 2 more rooster rugs on the way.:) One for my kitchen and one for the breakfast area~ or am I supposed to call that the morning room? I get so confuzzled with which room to call what , lol.. I don't know how it works at everyone else's home but here's its morning in all the rooms at once. I've tried to get up real early and catch one of the rooms grabbing Morning before the others, so I know which one the morning room is~ but alas its just too dang quick for me and all the rooms get morning in a blink.. sneaky aint they... rolf 
  I'm just teasin, I know its where one spends their morning but the name Morning Room makes me giggle anyway...
 Maybe someone will have a Rooster Party soon and I can get all my roosters on the same post...I'd do it but I am uncertain how to use mr. linky..
hugs and happy thoughts to ((ALL))