Monday, September 13, 2010

1st Fall Table

Its still so warm here and everything outside is Green, so my first fall table is somewhat of a transition... I'll get to the warmer, traditional fall colors when it gets cooler here. For now I am happy with this..
I make up oatmeal and pumpkin pie spice and leave it in the bowls , cause it makes the house smell so good..
  My new  table top is in the garage with its 2nd coat of varnish drying. Soon this round table will retire. I thought she deserved one more opportunity to shine:)

I'm participating in Marty's party-- go see all the beautiful scapes by others. You see lots of eye candy and be inspired by all the beauty::

 I'll be sending her to the guest room so folks can sit and have their coffee, read their paper, work on their laptop or whatever they want to before joining the main household in the mornings during their visit. Well, I said whatever but lets hope she isnt subjected to anything kinky ~~  rofl.....
 I got this green soup tureen at GW for 8.00 and I love it~!  i never cease to be amazed at the wonderful things I find there , not to mention, WHY would somone get rid of such a treasure... Oh well, its mine now and I'm thrilled.
I'd love a small corner hutch or maybe just a larger side table in the corner but for the time being, I'll use what I have and be happy about it...
 I want to thank my little round table for all the joy she brought me as I have done my tablescapes for the last 2 years. She never failed me in any way, no matter how much stuff I piled on her:)  I sat there with her and made lots of wonderful memories , thru meals- boardgames- just sitting with DH , talking, planning and dreaming.. 
Thank you for visiting me and peeking at my first fall table of 2010.   Since i found some great new treasures today at goodwill I look forward to many many scapes this season and would love to have you come and join me ..
 Happy Fall Ya'll