Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blue Baby Blue

This morning I was looking around at sites I dont often visit.   I usually check out Pottery Barn and Ballards if I'm looking for something-- for instance-- cleaning out my entire Living Rooms- and redoing it.

Playing at Susan's Party HERE 

  I doubt I would do this style or color in my home as I am still stuck on black white taupe and apple green. Those were my colors when so many folks went WHITE and now I notice the Big Sellers-- mentioned above:) are starting to advertise lots of Color..  Dontcha love how they manipulate the market.?  Sell everyone on white and neutral and when they've made a fortune off that - go back to dark wood and color and make another gazillion in profit.. 

anywhooooooooooooo..  I was at Ralph Lauren early this morning and I thought I'd share one of the collections they have this year.... I dont think Blue and White goes in and out of favor. Folks who love it-- LOVE IT all the time.
now I'll hush and you can enjoy the photos...

Thanks for visiting me... Ya know I love having you here...
Happy Thursday.