Monday, August 22, 2011

A few New to me Treasures

 I found some treasures and what better place to show them off than at some of Bloglands Favorite Parties.
::party links are listed at the bottom of this post:: please go look at all the talented folks who have posted at these parties. You'll enjoy it bunches and will probably find some great information, tutorials and words of wisdom..
Now on with the show:)

 I love this book~ Feather Your Nest~ Mary Carol Garrity. I've already spent hours with it and plan to spend many more. It seems like I find something new every time I look through it.   I found this LARGE soup tureen with plate and spoon in excellent condition at goodwill for only $3.50..  can ya believe it.. I was thrilled. 
 The birdcage is also a GW find for $1.50. The prayer plant I had and put it in the birdcage.
trying to get a good shot of the plant in the cage was'nt as easy as I thought it would be...

  I'm one of those folks who always wants to know, if things were reversed, how would it look..
so lets see...looks pretty good this way too..
 here are the Party Links..
Rhoda ~ Southern Hospitality ~ Today's Thrifty Treasures 

Marty ~ A Stroll Thru Life ~ Tabletop Tuesday

Kim ~Savvy Southern Style ~ Wow Us Wednesday

  these folks would love a visit from you as would all the great folks who posted.
 dontcha know we are always happy to have guests stop by. Heck, thats why we blog.  Wouldnt be any fun just to read it ourselves  , giggle..

May All Your Wishes Come True..
see ya next time