Saturday, June 15, 2013

Introducing Zoe

  I've been busy getting well and I am thankful each step takes me further in that direction.
 My therapist suggested a therapy dog for my particular condition, since they are proven to help make great strides in the healing process.  

     I do have to say I felt calmer when she was in my space and though just a pup she laid beside me when I sat on the floor, so she's already learning her job well.

  You're probably thinking Lab about now but there were no labs available at this time and thats just as it was meant to be.

  Here's Zoe.  She is 11 weeks old and still has 8 weeks of training before I can make her mine.
 I am sooooooooooooooo excited and will be visiting her weekly till the time comes to bring her here.
   I feel we instantly had a heart connection and it does'nt get better than that.  She'll be my companion here at home, as well as when I go out.   I'm really looking forward to getting out more and being able to stay out longer with her by my side.
of course she would'nt look at the camera~! lol..

   I guess by Christmas ya'll will be seeing pictures that look about like THIS..
  Thanks for stopping by and seeing my new companion and friend.
Happy Saturday