Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful Pottery

 Hi Folks.

 I'm well again, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee..    I tried taking antibiotics but in 2 days I knew those were'nt for me. I've been traveling the Natural Healing route for 25 years and thats what always works best.  It isnt as Quick, but I'm also not just masking the symptoms of an illness, I'm actually healing them.  I know everyone has different opinions on this subject , so just saying what works for me.   

 After a 3 day fast and some intense vitamins and herbal therapy I was on the road to recovery. Took about 2 weeks but I have to say I feel good and I lost 7 lbs. which is always a good thing, a very good thing lol.  OMG I sounds like Maaaaaaaaatha..  

 Last weekend a friend called and said she wanted to just take a ride in our pretty spring weather and asked me to go along.    Not sure where we were headed but about 45 minutes into the ride she saw a sign that said.
" Seagrove Pottery".. We both smiled at the same time so she got off on that exit.
 Lemme tell ya, theres more to see than we had time for , so we'll be going back for a whole day trip.

 So many different shops, styles and the stores themselves were amazing in their decor.   I could have moved a cot into several and stayed there .. Course, they might have frowned on that, so..  giggle

 If you ever get middle NC, be sure to take a few hours and browse around in Seagrove.  I think you'll be delighted with what you find and probably leave there a little lighter in the purse.  I controlled myself and didnt buy anything This Time, but next time I go I will be making a few purchases..
 Bad blogger that I am I didnt take my camera so this photo is just a sample of one of the many displays in the visitors center.     Be sure to stop in there.  Those folks have the answer to any questions you might have and are super friendly and helpful...

Now that I am better I'll be working on finishing the yard in the next couple of weeks and hopefully will have some completed areas so I can show ya'll pictures..

 Have a a wonderful weekend and a Grand Mothers Day ..
Love and Hugs and all Good Things