Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty Fall Displays

Up to my elbows in paint , projects and working too...
 I did want to take a few minutes and share these great fall displays with you..
 I made myself a new header and changed my background to a more Fallish Color,  thats all the fall decorating I've gotten done .

It was 56 when I got up with morning at 4:30.  I grabbed a sweater and sat on the patio with my coffee.  I cant even describe how great the air smelled and felt..

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens..  They never fail to inspire me.

 This is my Favorite..  I hope I can find an old wheelbarrow before Next fall..

 Those pears made me laugh...
Thanks for visiting... I hope you are having a wonderful day..

Hugs and Happy Thoughts,