Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bloggie Name Change

 I hope this doesnt cause any problems for my blogging buddies.  I've felt the need for a name change for quite awhile and this morning I decided to make that change.. My email contact information remains the same but I will need to change my button..  If you have my original button on your blog just delete it, please.. 
 I'll be making my new button clickable, which will be a big improvement.. Thank you...
I got to chance to stop by Marty's Party and got to see many of your tuesday creations. I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I admire each of you and how much I learn from what you display..

I hope this post finds everyone Well and Happy.. We're having some super hot days in NC and I worry for the folks who have to be working out in this weather and those who have no AC..  My own ac was out last week and those high 90 days really made it miserable in here even with 5 fans going..   I can assure you that by next summer there will be a pool in Sonny's back yard lol.. 

 If i work consistently for the next 30 hours I just might be able to get a Scape done for Thursdays Party:)
keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya please...

hugs and happy thoughts to ALL
Sonny @ 155 Dream Lane