Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm Still Around

  I'm busy settling an estate, seeing to having a home sold and clearing out the excess, so all the rest can go as smoothly and quickly as possible..

  No matter how well things are prepared for , a will in probate still takes time and effort and eats up a lot of energy along with the fact that my head just is'nt into blogging right now..

  I can see the light at the end of this path, its just a little further away than I would like...

  This too shall pass and I'll get through it and be back to a frame of mind that makes blogging possible..
   I want to thank the friends who are supporting me and a few who are holding my hand as I go on this journey..  Makes it so much easier for me and I know they will give me strength if I stumble or laugh at me if  fall :-)  which will make me get up quicker and soon be laughing with them  (  Brenda, are you reading this?)

  Till then, I wish you all Peace and Happiness...

 see ya soon