Thursday, October 11, 2012

Entryway DONE for Now

I have to admit when I first thought about changing my ENTIRE living room, I was pretty sure it was going to be EASY..    WRONG AGAIN

 First I had to get rid of what was in there.. if you go    HERE to see the cleaning out
 you'll see all the things I gave away to the Womens Shelter of Greensboro..   Thats a whole other story I will share with you later. Suffice it to say, that experience has led me into Great Experiences and I am grateful to have been taken on this journey.

 You saw the photos in the link above , what was left in the room.. Not much lol  and what there was had to be completely redone to suit my new Lighter Brighter living space.

  I originally ordered 3 new sofa's   2 for the family room and 1 for the living room..  they were CRAP and I sent them back on the delivery truck they arrived on..
 So the search for sofa's was on..   Artwork, accessories, revamping of the few pieces left..

Let me tell ya, this turned into a Major Overhall..
 In order to show you the entry way, you'll get sneak peeks of the other areas and as I complete each one I'll post it.
  Did I mention, Entry walls are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy harder than they looked like they'd be to do??
 I had a gazillion samples..   I had great tutorials on how to lay out things on the floor to see how it would look in advance..     Yet, when the moment arrived- they didnt help me much...
 End result was it looked like someone walked in and shot at that wall with a Scatter Gun-- seriously it did.

 I'm not saying it'll stay like this very long but so many of you have been kind enough to stick with me on this particular decor journey and I didnt want ya'll tothink I hadnt accomplished anything.

   I have folks to thank...
Karen at The Graphics Fairy   for so much of the art I printed out and put in my frames.
Marla at Always Nesting for privately looking at each and every stage and change on this wall and helping me in every way she could with advice and suggestions and a shoulder to lean on when frustration just about took me over..
Thank You Ladies..  You are appreciated.

 Now I'll hush and show you what I came up with..  Then a few of the Epic Fails~!  I dont want ya'll to miss out on those hehehehehe..    On my sidebar it says I'll show ya the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Lovely ==so thats what I'm gonna do.
 is it Perfect- NO..  am I content with it for now- YES:)
now for some of the Floperooos it took to get me to the pic above.
too plain -- tablet too dark-- lamp all wrong.. I tried doing the ice cube trick to lift the carpet indentions but as yet that hasnt worked..  maybe a rug would be best..  what do ya'll think?
from Bad to Worse..   remember I was trying to Lighten things up?so why why did I put black storage ottomans under the table..wrong accessories hanging on the wall.  who the heck thought that brown hat would work ...  oui vey
 great ginger jar lamp but not in this space.. 
 so now, lets try less art and a different table lamp and acessories..  
no no your eyes decieve you- that table isnt as SMALL and OUT OF PLACE as it look- right?
oui   again..
oh yea and in many of the test photos you may notice there was no art , except for the store advertisement.
  I was gonna pass off that one pretty skinny gal as Me but noooooooo I cant lie to ya'll like that:)

  I was thrilled once I moved the mirror over here cause then I could see the whole room from different angles..
Like I said earlier, I 'll post living room pics as each section is completed so these are the sneak peeks.
 Ottomans arent covered ,, pillows arent made,, coffee table isnt decorated- nor is the mantle completed and the sofa table still needs Stuff..
oh well as Scarlett O'Hara said  Tommorrow is Another Day..

allllllllllrighty.   that's it for now..   I hope you like it and that you'll keep coming back for the rest of this Saga.

I appreciate your visiting me.. It just would'nt be the same without ya.
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