Monday, March 1, 2010

Red Rooster Plates

 While I do love my black , white and apple green table scapes, sometimes I just feel the need to dine in Color and today I choose multiple color but with strong dashes of red. Its all the fault of the sweet rooster salad plates I found at Kmart.. Yes I said Kmart. somewhere I rarely look for things but after finding these I'll be checking there more often. set of 4 ~ 7.99, which I felt was a fair price. Micro and dishwasher safe , nice and sturdy with a good weight.. I wasnt expecting them to be of such nice quality but I am thrilled with them.
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I found this scrap of fabric in my stash to use as a tablecloth. I tried using my black and white toile but it just wasnt working for me. Now next time Tommy, my darlin dh, asks me if I REALLY need all the fabric in my containers I can say with ferver, YES I DO, and then show him why..
I'm developing a real love for all  things Rooster.  I dont follow fads so when a few people told me roosters were on their way OUT , my answer was Good, take them OUT of your home and send them over to Mine:-)
Just a few views of the table and oh my goodness I almost for my new basket find from goodwill, 2.00 and now cherished by me..
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Happy March 1st to you and yours