Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cocoa Crumbalicios Cookies

Hello There,
 Waving" Hi "from beautiful NC..   I woke up this morning to 62 degrees~!  yes indeedy, you read that right-- 62  wooooooohooooo dang degrees.   Doing a mega Happy Dance here.
 I opened the window and the backdoor to let in as much fresh air as I could..

 Then an hour later I heard the mowers start up and the scent of fresh mown grass wafted thru the house..   If I smiled any wider the sides of my mouth would be touching my ear lobes.  now there's a visual for Ya ..

  yea, I know ya'll have read and read and read about a painter coming here to turn my kitchen white...
  So I am absolutely not gonna say a word about his possible arrival in the morning about 9:30.. Nope ain't gonna say nuffin about it....
 Special Announcement for a Special Few.....
and yes there were only a few ,so this portion of the post is for them only.
::: ::::  for those of ya'll who have wondered,,
if the meds are effecting my spelling or my typing- the answer is an absolute emphatic HELL NOOOO  they arent..   geez what happened to NO STIGMA towards people who were trying to get help for their illness, just as one would for diabeties- cancer- arthritis or any other disease?????  So if you were one who came here and smiled and left an ever so sweet comment just to rush off as soon as you could to whisper about me and basically stab me in the back - then PLEASE just remove yourself from my followers,  as I do not wish to offend you with my spelling, my typo's or any mention of my illness and the wellness I am seeking. thank you, The Management- no responce required.~!!!!

::: I type like I talk and my misspellings add extra fun to the reading of my posts, because  my visiters also get to play the now famous Mystery Game-- What Was She Saying?
I could have sold my game for $29.95 a click, but NOPE I let all my blog visiters play for free cause I'm just generous like that...  
 That concluded this rant- again only to the special few to whom it pertains..

 This has been a favorite cookie recipe of mine since childhood.

     It's just plain yummy and  melts in your mouth, super easy to make and its CHOCOLATE.

    Kids love to help making these and they love eating them too.

 Just a little warning though,too many may cause a tummy ache.


Come back and see me sometime..