Friday, September 7, 2012

Entry Shelf Inspiration

 Its a beautiful day here in NC.  Sun is shining brightly and I'll be able to do some painting..

After much thought , I am 90% sure this is what I will use "My Version" of in my new entry way.
 I am very fortunate to have used and taught PaintShopPro for 11 years .To me its the very best graphic program available.      I was able to take each sample I was considering --take a photo of my entry way--and simply SIT each sample into my photo:)  so much easier than actually having to DO each one to see  which looked and worked best, for my home.   As I said  my version wont be an exact duplicate- it will however be in this style..I think I'll save my completed entry wall for DebbieDoos copy cat party ..  so you will see this again along with Mine.

thanks so much for visiting me. always makes me smile to see you here..
playing today at Laura-Decor to Adore-Pin Party