Monday, June 18, 2012

Porch~ Making Progress

Ya'll have been so patient waiting for me to get more of my new front yard done..

 Last fall everything came out and there was Nothing, no trees, no scrubs I mean nothing- ewwww.

 I still have lots to do and with normal life to deal with its going slowwwwwwwwwwwwww lol.
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 I still need to get the old tile off and the new tile on.  Not sure I'm happy with the plants I choose for the garage door containers.. Its a Creation in Progress and I am loving it as we go along even though I already see changes I want to make.

 New roof, new garage door, new plantings and a table I found at goodwill and painted.

 I also need rocker cushions and a rug.. so much to do , so little time.

But, I'm making progress so I'll show ya where I am so far..

 I keep thinking I need to change the name of my blog to Subject to Change ..  LOL

 I was so glad to get rid of that brown roof.  I didnt like it the day it went on but I lived with it for 13 years.
New black roof, new garage door , new plantings and mulch.  Now its just a case of wait for it all to mature a bit.

 See those shrubs in the containers at the garage door.  Not sure I'm happy with those.. Might have to move them somewhere else and try a trellis and some jasmine vine in the containers instead.  Or maybe nothing and no containers would be best..  what do Ya'll think??   any suggestions are appreciated..
ps~ the roof doesnt look wonky like that in real life  :-)
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek..