Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fun~! Dog on a Swing

  I had to share this.. If it doesnt bring a smile I dont know what will.. Now, I am not suggesting ya'll put your dogs on a swing but it sure is fun to watch...

enjoy and thanks for stopping by..
I appreciate your visit.
courtesy of site is Safe- virus free- avg scanned..
so enjoy in peace:)
click below to watch the video  -- too cute
Swinging Dogs

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I finally did it. Bed is Ordered

   I know I have posted several times and asked lots of ya privately and then still couldnt make a decision but finally and at long last:: like 3 years later:)  ::  I order my bed..
 Do ya'll ever get to the point that you quit caring what it costs, you just wanted it over with?  Well, I finally did.

  This picture looks sorta plain but of course it can be dressed UP or Down with different bedding and thats exactly what I needed..

 so now I can get all my other pieces painted and in place and be ready when the bed arrives...

  As many have said- the Indecision was the most exhausting part and I am so glad thats over.

2 weeks they said and it will be here..  Thank the Heavens and JCP  :)

 Ya'll were mighty sweet to be so patient with me during this ordeal and I appreciate it... Believe me when its here and dressed You'll all be the first to know cause I will be posting photos with a huge grin on my face..
 Now- who am I gonna give these 2 headboards I bought to?  giggle..
 Maybe I better keep one for the guest room, just in case.  

thanks for visiting me.. You;re the BEST~!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lemon Cake~ Yum~!

 I love Lemon and I love pistashios so this would be a cake I'd adore.  Talk about Saying Spring~! 
 Can you just imagine the  oooooo's and ahhhhhhhhhhh's you'd get when family and friends saw it.

 I'm not the best baker but I'm going to make it and take it to our neighborhood Spring party in late april.
  I might print this photo and put it in a frame to sit on the table , just in case mine does'nt come out looking quite this good lol...

Lemon Cake Recipe~ Compliments of Real Simple magazine

 Thanks for stopping by to visit me.  Love having you here..


Monday, March 12, 2012

Project for March

 I know its already the 12th but this is still my march project:)
   I'm a little slower than normal this month as I took on a few outside jobs and they are taking more time - day and night- than I had anticipated.. 

  I bought this secretary off craigslist way over a year ago- showed it to ya'll then- and just never got around to doing anything with it..   The oak went well with my guest room bed , so thats where its been sitting waiting for the  "oh so lovely" redo I promised it when it first arrived..  Thats the good thing about inanimate objects- they have Paitience and are willing to wait without complaining.. 
Should I paint the bed too???   I heard that gasp- yes I did.. lol
 well if I do- that'll have to wait and be my April project..

  Here is a photo of her in her present state.  As you see I made some notes of what I am considering right beside her picture..  NOW, if any of ya have any scathingly brilliant ideas about how I should refinish her- please let me know in your comment.

  I plan to go looking for samples of secretaries that have been painted later this evening.   Surely they have some on Houzz or Pinterest  for me to look at.

  I can make my own caulk type paint so no problem there..   I like the look of distressed as long as its done with a Light Touch:)   I see so much that goes from distressed to destroyed in a Nano second and thats definatly NOT the look I'm going for.. 

  I just wanted to let ya'll know what I was up to as well as get any advice you'd be willing to share .

 Thanks for stopping by.. You are always welcome here and much appreciated.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Storage ~So Pretty and Useful

  Happy Sunday Morning.

 The sun is shining brightly here in NC but my mind is on all those who suffered through the storms this weekend.
 My thoughts and prayers are with them, just as I'm sure ya'lls are.     Life can change in the blink of an eye as we have seen the last couple of years as portions of different states have been devastated.    LIVE, like this was your last day , is what keeps going through my mind.. 

 On to these beautiful storage ideas.. all compliments of Better Homes and Gardens .

 I love so many of them and because there are so many different styles, I'm sure you'll find one or many a few that would work for you and your home.
 I hope you enjoy these samples.. I sure did..

  Thanks so much for coming to visit me..   You are always welcome and much appreciated..

love and hugs and all good things to You and Yours.