Tuesday, January 18, 2011

INFO- for those doing the aged Books

I may not have titled this correctly.. What I wanted to say is, Big Lots and Ollies have hardback books for 50 cents.
 I have read on lots of blogs that folks were buying books at goodwill- thrift stores and other resale places and paying from $1.00 to 3.00 , so I thought this 50 cent info might be helpful since it isnt time for yard sales in most areas , where I feel sure you can find books for super cheap..

I just want to say HERE that the ones I've seen done by my fellow bloggers are wayyyyyyyyy prettier than the sample I found on PB.. but I'm giving them credit here cause it seems like the right thing to do so..
photo compliments of PB site..

 I got 3 to try this "aging books" technique on.. I am such a copy cat and I admit it.. I wonder if theres a
Copy Cat 12 step program.. if there is I need to sign up lol..

anyway, if your wanting to do the BOOK THING, 50 cents is a real good price..
You dont even need to mention to Big Lots  or Ollie's that Sonny sent ya.. I wont tell..giggle

Have a great day and keep aging those books and posting them cause I may need even more samples to go by before I try this..