Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Copy Cat Kitchen

 Well lets say its a rendition, versus a actual copy:)   Their's is super light and bright and mine doesnt even have a dang window lol..  But the nautical elements are there as are the apples- red stripe towel and napkins and ya'll can pretend there's clam chowder in my white ironstone tureen, right.. I know ya can , cause ya'll are good like that ...  LOL

Debbie Doos Copy Cat Party
The sample....
 I'll tell ya I was spittin nails mad this morning when my blue striped fabric for the bar stool copy did'nt arrive..
 I called and the guy reminded me this past monday, mail didnt run so the fabric would be a day or 2 behind.   sheesh, I should have ordered it sooner.   Oh well it'll make pretty pillows for somewhere I guess.

Laurie, Brenda and CeeKay all said kitchen....  wooohooooo..   good guessing Ladies
  I hope ya realize I buffed these apples for ya.. yes I did. Cause YOU are worth it.
I thought the red stripe towel would be easy to find. I see them all over blog land BUT noooooooooo,
 I could'nt find a single one. I took a piece of drop cloth I had left over- painters tape and painted my own stripe..     Ya'll ever notice some projects just dont go smooth, like you think they will  :-)

I had fun playing with this photo in psp.

alllllllllrighty, thats all for this time folks...
 I'm so happy you came to visit with me.
 I love having to here and I appreciate your time.
Now I need to get over to Deb's and see everyone else's CC.. I know it will all be Fabulous..


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Me and My Breakfast

 I was supposed to do this post yesterday but since today is tuesday , I reckon I'm on time, sorta:)

 Just a little breakfast for me.. Flaxseed cereal, black coffee, followed by 2  8 oz. glasses of water.
Joining the   Marty Tabletop Party
 I use my black n cream mat , my black n cream polka dot napkin and the pink hydrangea blossoms my neighbor have me early this morning..   Just because I have breakfast alone should'nt mean it cant be pretty.
 I digest better when I eat in nice surrounding, don't You?

 Trust me here- as good as it is that its nice to look at, Flaxseed cereal every morning for a month WILL get you into that slim trim bathing suit you've been wanted to wear for years lol..   Its the Scrub Brush of the Century, my daughter says.   Seriously,  it does a body good... You make it just as you would oatmeal- sweetened or not- fruit or not- cream or not..   However you like your oatmeal- have the flax cereal the same way and for goodness sake- dont forget the 2 8 oz. glasses of water within an hour after eating..

 If this is your first time eating it-- may I suggest you NOT get more than 50 yards from a potty..   After a few days that will stop and you can go on about your usual business..
Enjoy:) and do come back in a week and tell me how much weight you lost cause I KNOW you are going to loose..  Not a doubt in my mind about that..

 Thanks for visiting me and Ya'll come back now, Ya Hear~!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seaside Style Rooms and DebbieDoo's Copy Cat Party

 Happy Saturday  Sweet Cheeks of Blogland. :)

 Its another beautiful day in my neighborhood , which I dearly love BUT I seem to be dreaming of the all things SEA lately... Country Living:: all photos courtesy of them:: sent me an email and upon opening it, what to my thrilled eyes did appear??  Seaside Style rooms.. Yes indeedy do they did.
I have to share them with you as well as my thought about each photo.. WHY you ask- cause I'm just chatty that way  .. giggle
OH YEA.  when you get to the bottom of this post I hope you'll comment and in your comment I'd love YOUR GUESS as to which one of these I'll be doing for DebbieDoo's Copy Cat Party on May 30th.. that link to find out all about it is also at the bottom...

 so here we go.....   

 I think a bag like this would look great hanging from a hook on the side of my desk..  Pretty and extra storage too.... 

 I have 2 bookcases to paint and I plan to sit one on each side of the fireplace in my living room..  Painting the backs a similar color to this sample photo seems like a good idea.. Of course then I'd have to paint something else in the room that color too and maybe change out my sofa pillows and use a more summer tone rug under my huge ottoman..     Dont ya just love this thinking out loud..  :)

 I just happen to have a blank wall on one side of my patio..  Seeing this sample made me wonder why I've never thought of hanging stuff on it.    Makes sense right?  Looks good, I think I'll do it..

 I have white cabinets and dark counter tops.  If I added some of these elements I too could have a sorta seaside style kitchen for the summer...    Gonna give this idea some more thought..

 This is a mighty pretty set up but my eye mostly goes to that beautiful sailboat and those Lamps.. I seriously love those lamps ..   I wonder if I could make them,, hmmmm..  I do have shades that very shape and size .

I could make some seaside pillows like these IF I had a stencil ... so many idea, so little time. sigh

Ok I know this isnt a room but sheesh, $90.00 for this dress...  totally straight sewing- max 2 yards of fabric.. I'm thinkin I could easy make this in about an hour and for $8.00..Yes I see the cutie little rope belt tie thingie but I could use a  thick white shoe string lol.. It even has those closures on the ends..
 sometimes I THINK real good and other times, not so much....

 Lets see.. For the one below I'd have to hit 3 or 4 goodwill stores till I could find enough jugs to spray paint== kinda like Debbie sprayed her Mason Jars.. then stripe some and polka dot some. Run by hancock fabric and grab a few different blue and white fabrics.   and viola:)  easy peasy  and pretty cheap too.

I wow. How my double Pisces son would have loved this room when he lived at home.. I think I'll send him this photo as inspiration and then just pray his fiance doesnt call me screaming  LOL

 Some old books with Sea in the title..  Cheapo square mirror from somewhere. Cut out a large circle of foam core- glue to the mirror and hot glue shells..      Finding a metal sailboat might present a problem , but yea if it was too easy , it wouldnt be as much fun..  If I could fins a small sailboat, I could spray it with pewter spray paint.. Then it would looks like metal without me spending lots of money.....
 The sailboat search begins this afternoon....  keep your fingers crossed for me. Please..
 Now again,, ifin your willin'        Tell me in your comment  which of these samples you think I'll be copying..
   I'll list the names of all those who got it right in the actual post to Debbie's Party..

Hope to see ya'll there.. Its so much fun and dont worry about not doing an exact copy. We all wanna see your creative take on an image..   You'll be amazed at all there is to see posted by others..  Makes me smile just think in about it.  so click the link below and find out all about it. 
DebbieDoo Copy Cat Party ~May 31st

Happy Memorial Day
hugs and Love and all good things to One and All

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh~! Me Likie Lots


 I found something this morning I Love and thought I'd share.. 

 Now it would be nice if they gave it to me for free or at least a kick back for posting about it, but thats not happening lol.. If you see it here its just cause I really LOVE it..Of course this is my Personal Opinion but then ,geez, who elses opinion would I be giving..  always makes me giggle when I read that on someone's blog " My personal opinion" ..    rolf.

 anywhooooo , on with the photo of this beauty.
wouldnt this look great on my patio?  YES, it would..
The white would definately be my choice,, then again the black is nice too..... ahh decisions decisions..

Privacy Planter on Wheels

Happy Thursday ~!

Ya'll come back to see me, ya hear:)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple and Blue Sneak Peek

Hi Folks..

 I hope everyone is well and enjoying beautiful weather like we are having in NC..  I just want to stay outside all day and half the night and I would but, Duty Calls and I answer:)
 I made the before photo 29 days ago and even though I have watched this happen day by day, there nothing like looking at the 2 photos together..

Joining Marty's Party      Here

   My birdbath finally arrived today and I got it put together.. I LOVE it.. I've wanted one with a little bird on it and found this one on  39.00 and free shipping- happy dance goin on here lol..

I cant show the finished patio yet cause I cant make up my mind about a rug-- I havent recieved my wicker chair and ottoman cushions and I still have 2 Large pots I want to put trees and flowers in.. Yea, I know , I'm slow, go ahead and say it .. I really am and I know it..

Here's the before of this area..   Only a few purple blooms on the flowers and the hydrangea wasnt in the ground yet..  New mulch wasnt down either..  I had a lot to do, can ya tell..
and now, less than a month later..... I am so happy with it , I cant even tell ya.. I grab my coffee and out I go every morning to see if there's a new leaf  or bloom on anything.. These are the things that bring me JOY..
 no round the world trips, fancy smanchy parties-- been there- done that:)  Now and for several years its all about Home and Yard and Family and Friends and I can honestly say I have never been happier with Life.
 I feel so extremely blessed , I cant express it.
 Just looky at all those pretty blooms..  wooohoooooo  This was just one 3.99 plant and its grown 5 times its original size....  The thunder has been talking to all the plants and trees and saying " Grow little sweeties, Grow~!"
This is one section of the side adjacent to the back patio.   I hope to have more sections done in a couple weeks.
Oh Yea, I learned something so I am passing it on..   When I bought the hydrangea- it had some small blooms but they were a pale green- sorta no color really.  Then I was reading a murder mystery and it said if you added 10 penny nails around the roots- the hydrangea blooms would be blue and holy macarony - they are... 
 Thanks so much for coming to visit me.  You are appreciated and it makes me smile to read your comments..
Have a safe and wonderful weekend...
I'm wishing it for Ya..

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Painted Wingbacks with Tutorial

I wanted to repost this for those who may have been busy last year and missed it..

The chairs are exactly the way they were when I showed them over 6 months ago- so I am a happy camper.
 They've been sat in quite a bit and all I do is take a barely damp rag and wipe them off . Had to do that when a pal spilled a little wine on it .. lol..

I hope this helps any of ya'll who have considered trying this..

Click on the below posted link for tutorial and all the before and after photos.

have a great weekend.
Hugs and Happy Thoughts and All good things to Ya'll

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yummy and Easy Peasy

I know many of you will be having parties for Memorial Day so I wanted to share this very easy cake with you.

 Pretty sure this could be put together in about 15 minutes. Thats my kind of dessert. Plus, it looks soooooooooooo pretty..

 angel food cake - sliced through width wise
 fresh berries= your choice
 favorite berry jam
cream cheese icing
you can look at this picture and see how it goes together:)
I'll be using splenda to sweeten my fruit but sugar is fine for those who can have it.

since a few posted with caloric and glutten free concerns I wanted to add this for them..
CREAM CHEESE-  low fat cream cheese- let come to room temp and softer- add spenda and whip till smooth....   still yummy but wayyyyyyyyyyy fewer calories.

Trader Joe's and Whole Foods carry Glutten Free angel food or plain white cake. so that can be used for those who are watching their glutten content..:)  

Enjoy every bite...

Thanks so much for visiting me.  I appreciate it bunches.

love and hugs and all good things

Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful Pottery

 Hi Folks.

 I'm well again, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee..    I tried taking antibiotics but in 2 days I knew those were'nt for me. I've been traveling the Natural Healing route for 25 years and thats what always works best.  It isnt as Quick, but I'm also not just masking the symptoms of an illness, I'm actually healing them.  I know everyone has different opinions on this subject , so just saying what works for me.   

 After a 3 day fast and some intense vitamins and herbal therapy I was on the road to recovery. Took about 2 weeks but I have to say I feel good and I lost 7 lbs. which is always a good thing, a very good thing lol.  OMG I sounds like Maaaaaaaaatha..  

 Last weekend a friend called and said she wanted to just take a ride in our pretty spring weather and asked me to go along.    Not sure where we were headed but about 45 minutes into the ride she saw a sign that said.
" Seagrove Pottery".. We both smiled at the same time so she got off on that exit.
 Lemme tell ya, theres more to see than we had time for , so we'll be going back for a whole day trip.

 So many different shops, styles and the stores themselves were amazing in their decor.   I could have moved a cot into several and stayed there .. Course, they might have frowned on that, so..  giggle

 If you ever get middle NC, be sure to take a few hours and browse around in Seagrove.  I think you'll be delighted with what you find and probably leave there a little lighter in the purse.  I controlled myself and didnt buy anything This Time, but next time I go I will be making a few purchases..
 Bad blogger that I am I didnt take my camera so this photo is just a sample of one of the many displays in the visitors center.     Be sure to stop in there.  Those folks have the answer to any questions you might have and are super friendly and helpful...

Now that I am better I'll be working on finishing the yard in the next couple of weeks and hopefully will have some completed areas so I can show ya'll pictures..

 Have a a wonderful weekend and a Grand Mothers Day ..
Love and Hugs and all Good Things

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dogs Say the Best Things

Well, they do if you can read their minds..   giggle

My daughter sent this to my email and I just had to share it with ya'll while I am still on the mend.

thanks for all the Get Well wishes. I am better, just still lacking energy for projects..

I hope you enjoy these photos and that they bring a Smile..

thanks for visiting me.

see ya soon~!