Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LivingRoom- So Many Choices

 I'm sure we've all thought about how WONDERFUL it would be if we could totally clear out a room or 3 :) and start over.   Well here I sit and while I am excited and very blessed to be able to do this without going into debt, it isnt working out quite as wonderfully as I had imagined.  Why? becuase there are WAY to many choices.     I dont want to spend a fortune and I do still have 4 Pomeranian Furbabies- who are very clean and proper acting little ladies, BUT anyone can have an accident- know what I mean.. 

 I also want to say :: not being compensated in any way, shape or form:: what an excellent job Stanley Steamer did on my carpets. They look like they did when they went in 6 years ago. The service was professional, friendly and the quality of their work was outstanding.  Thanks Guys- ya'll did good and I am both grateful and very satisfied..  I will be using them for all my cleaning needs- flooring wise I mean.

 Now back to these choices I was speaking of..
 While each of these samples are different, there seems to be a common theme- at least to me..
 When I look at them I think, light and cozy...
 In your comment- please say which you'd choose and a brief WHY you'd choose it or which elements you find most appealing. 
thanks for your opinions and wisdom ..

  This first sample best represents my wall color and I bought a light tone area rug already..
 I have the herringbone rug wrapped and stored..  I better hold on to that since I doubt I could find another..
 Not painting my walls blue.. 
 I like the calm and quiet of this room.
 OK - NOOOOOOOO yellow walls or totally blue striped sofa but I can make blue ticking pillows and a couple of floor pillows. 
 again, this says calm and quiet to me.
 Red ticking pillows- versus striped sofa..I do love this coffee table style..
  Love the neutral leaf pattern of the pillows.
alrighty.. lemme hear what you think and which you like.

I appreciate your help with narrowing these choices down..
 again- this is the sofa I ordered... I also have an ikea white twill slip cover ordered for it.
 Happy Tuesday Folks..