Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LivingRoom- So Many Choices

 I'm sure we've all thought about how WONDERFUL it would be if we could totally clear out a room or 3 :) and start over.   Well here I sit and while I am excited and very blessed to be able to do this without going into debt, it isnt working out quite as wonderfully as I had imagined.  Why? becuase there are WAY to many choices.     I dont want to spend a fortune and I do still have 4 Pomeranian Furbabies- who are very clean and proper acting little ladies, BUT anyone can have an accident- know what I mean.. 

 I also want to say :: not being compensated in any way, shape or form:: what an excellent job Stanley Steamer did on my carpets. They look like they did when they went in 6 years ago. The service was professional, friendly and the quality of their work was outstanding.  Thanks Guys- ya'll did good and I am both grateful and very satisfied..  I will be using them for all my cleaning needs- flooring wise I mean.

 Now back to these choices I was speaking of..
 While each of these samples are different, there seems to be a common theme- at least to me..
 When I look at them I think, light and cozy...
 In your comment- please say which you'd choose and a brief WHY you'd choose it or which elements you find most appealing. 
thanks for your opinions and wisdom ..

  This first sample best represents my wall color and I bought a light tone area rug already..
 I have the herringbone rug wrapped and stored..  I better hold on to that since I doubt I could find another..
 Not painting my walls blue.. 
 I like the calm and quiet of this room.
 OK - NOOOOOOOO yellow walls or totally blue striped sofa but I can make blue ticking pillows and a couple of floor pillows. 
 again, this says calm and quiet to me.
 Red ticking pillows- versus striped sofa..I do love this coffee table style..
  Love the neutral leaf pattern of the pillows.
alrighty.. lemme hear what you think and which you like.

I appreciate your help with narrowing these choices down..
 again- this is the sofa I ordered... I also have an ikea white twill slip cover ordered for it.
 Happy Tuesday Folks..


  1. Morning Sonny,
    Hands down I love picture #1....
    I love the coffee table with the dark top and white bottom and large spindle type legs, which adds a lot of interest I think, also like the basket underneath as it adds texture, course just adding a basket or two can achieve the same thing, then I love the subtle
    print pillows, which you could add
    some ticking pillows with a print if you wanted, Love the lamp, as I have the same one, only smaller, love love love the shutter affect on the sides of the sofa and chair,
    so you could add some shutters to the room on the windows or just as
    an art or decor piece. Overall I just think this room has more interest and texture as well as a soothing affect.

    Yea, sometimes it is true we just
    have way too many choices and it actually just becomes confusing rather than fun..............lol

    Well, hope all these responses from everyone will help make your choices easier and........definitely more fun!! lol

    Have a blessed day sweetie,

  2. Oh yea, and your new sofa is very pretty and like your wall color too.
    bye now............

  3. I find myself drawn to the last one out of all of them, Sonny. Not really sure why, but I do like the tables and the prints hanging on the wall. I just like the overall feel of the whole room. It seems more like "me".

  4. Love your sofa. Wow, this is really hard, they are all wonderful. I love the feel of the rooms in pic #1 and #3. Just me. Can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi Sonny, Love these beautiful rooms! They are all quite calm and relaxing. I am trying to achieve the same look as well in my living room. Have a lot to do yet! However, I like the third room down in your post. I love the mix of white fabrics with the black or dark brown woods for some contrast. It's casual and relaxing but at the same time has a richness to it. Does that make sense? Well, it does to me anyway, haha. A touch of black in a room is like adding that little black dress (you know, the one that every woman must have) to their wardrobe. I just makes everything better. Of course, that's solely my opinion. Anyway, good luck getting your room just right to suite you. Have a fabulous day.

  6. I really like picture #1! I love the sofas and the calm textures and colors! It looks like a place I want to read a good book and drink a cup of coffee!


  7. Oh my gosh Sonny I'm no help because I thought they where all fabulous! Love your sofa choice. Can't wait to see it put together!

  8. I really like #1 too! I am needing to redo my living room decor according to my daughters.....putting it off! Your sofa choice is wonderful! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. picture #1 is very relaxing...also love the white coffee table in another picture

  10. Oh, Sonny, choices...choices. I love the very first photo. It really does have a calm, serene feel to it.

  11. I love all these photos, Sonny! I think you will have so many options with a neutral background and rug, as well as sofa. You can change up the pillows and add a few throws and art, depending on the season (or your mood!).


  12. Picture #1 is me-but I like elements of them all. Beautiful each and every one and I LOVE your new sofa! xo Diana

  13. My fav is the last one. I think you could easily mix in some vintage pieces (my style) to give this YOUR personality. But I like the one with the red chair and accents too. I think it is cheerful!

  14. I love the built in cupboards, the molding around the edges has given me a inspiring idea. We have them here but they look kind of homemade, came with the place. They need to be chunked up a bit.

    Actually we just bought a dark brown sofa, I love it, and it goes so beautifully with the lavender walls...lol. NO really it does.

    The birds nest was a pick from a florist shop, I just painted the eggs. But I am sure you could find a nest at the craft store. I have this thing about birds nests.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. I vote photo #3. Verrrry soothing. Verrrry classy. I too love ticking stripe because it lives in harmony with any decor.

  16. You really live in a van down by the river don't you?

  17. You really live in a van down by the river don't you?

  18. I can't wait to see what you come up with Sonny!

  19. So many choices it is hard to know which one to pick. I think I like all the solids better than the stripes. I like solid-colored sofas that you can change out pillows and accessories each season, thus changing the look of the room and not be tied down to a print. It is fun to get all new things, even if the decisions can be overwhelming at times.


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