Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lamp Love, Oh My

Here's a little known secret about me.. I LOVE Lamps. Yes, thats right. I look at lamps everywhere I go.
In store, online, in catalogs, heck if I was at your home I'd be checkin out your LAMPS.

 I needed two that matched for my bedroom side tables, cause I'm just a matchy matchy girl , that way lol..
  I hung a mirror over each nite table so lamps alike were a must and I put my shell lamp over on the chest.

 It shouldnt be much longer till I get that room totally done and ready for her Showing. anyway, back to the lamps...

  I have adored these Ballard lamps since the day I saw them, over a year ago. I'd visit the Ballard site at least 3 times a week just to look at them.   One day about 3 weeks ago my online catalog arrived and guess what was on sale~!  yes, my lamps...  But I needed 2 and even on sale- ouchie ..

 Now you may be asking yourself why I'd choose this style of lamp for my bedroom nite table. I can answer that:)  I stayed at a bed and breakfast near Asheville and they had similar lamps and they were PERFECT for laying in bed propped up on fluffy pillows and reading, doing cross stitch and such.. Which is exactly what I do at night as I wind down to go to sleep.  The light can be adjusted to shine exactly where I need it to, unlike a regular lamp that throws light in every direction for a certain distance  , depending on the wattage of the bulb.  In this style a 40 watt beaming right where I need it is more than enough.. Beside I ADORE how they look~! So looks and Function too- how could I not love them.
 I restrained myself and continued to look through my emails , totally intendeing to just Bite The Bullet , go back and add them to my cart- check out- and wait for their arrival.

 As fate would have it, and I do mean Fate becuase folks, how else could I open an online catalog from another company and find almost the same lamps //well close enough// on sale on the same dang day..
 See I had looked at these before too but they were 39.00 each for about 8 months.. But this day they were on sale for  $19.95 - lemme tell ya I got Light Headed when I saw this ad.
   Sure they are slightly different and the Kirklands lamp was a brighter silver BUT, I knew how to make it have more of a pewter tone, cause I had changed other bright silver lamps in the past with my secret ingrediant-- Bri Wax in dark brown..  I ordered the Bri Wax and as soon as it arrivs I'll give the lamps a couple of applications- buff them up - put them in place and get some photos for Ya'll..

 The lamps are HEAVY~!  I was shocked to get such an excellent quality item for only 19.95.. They are KEEPERS and they are still on sale if anyone is interested...

Susan~~Meta Monday
 Thanks for visiting me..
 Happy Sunday to Ya'll


  1. Yay for you, Sonny! What a great deal and definitely fate to get that second email with these lamps in them. I can't wait to see them {and your room} and how you darkened them up with the wax.

  2. I've loved that lamp at PB ever since I first saw it. Great find at Kirklands. I have had mirrors behind my bedroom lamps for years and I love that extra softness in the room. My only regret is that mine are a very simple oval and I wish I had picked a more interesting shape.

    You are not going to be surprised by this. I'm a lamp lover myself and that's my first stop when I hit TJ Maxx. In our upstairs family room one of the closets is for Steve's work clothes and I "share" that closet with him. The floor is littered with lamp shades covered in big shopping bags. Don't even ask about the mess cuz there are also throw pillows keeping the lampshades company :)

    Sonny, what are you doing up so early?? I guess I'm not the only early morning riser. I'm at my best right now and fizzle about 7 pm. Yeah, I'm just not a party girl :)

  3. I love your lamps and think a bedside table is a great place for them. Being into vintage, I recently found a very old pharmacy lamp, only with a very dark patina. I plan on using it as a bedside table too. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  4. Oh, I totally understand why you love that lamps so much. Stunning! Can't wait to see them in your room!

  5. I am always surprised at the prices at Kirkland's. I have numerous lamps from there. Just can't beat Kirkland's for the money! Can't wait to see your room!

  6. I have too many lamps. So many that I can barely afford bulbs for all of them. So many...the bills of my ball caps even have little lamps (lights) in them.

  7. Sonny, your lamps are fabulous. I love them. Can't wait to see them in your room. Hugs, Marty

  8. I have the floOr style from Ballard and love it. Will have to check out Kirklands too!

  9. I love lamps too. I can hardly pass a lamp without giving it the old once-over. I have many, but there' always room for more, huh?

  10. Hi Sonny! I love these lamps. We have one almost like this in Mr. Precious' office.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Those are great looking lamps. I love to read in bed, too, and always have my shade cocked at some crazy angle to get the right light- These are perfect- xo Diana

  12. I love lamps too Sonny and those are so pretty! Kirklands has a great selection of lamps. Can't wait to see yours in place!

  13. Do you think your lamp-kharma could rub off on me? I too need two matching bedside lamps and I would love to find them for less than $20! The ones I bought from HomeGoods were a good deal, but we had just moved and I needed "something" so I settled, and for the last year I've been annoyed that they are too small of a scale and blend in to the wall color...

    Anyway, no need for a diatribe on my lamp woes as well. Hope your weekend is going well!


  14. Pretty...I like lamps to liking chairs, next to liking you see a pattern here???

  15. You are such a savvy shopper! I love Kirkland products. We have purchased so many great items from them at good prices. Normally I would not think of a lamp like this next to the bed, but form follows function and it is indeed perfect for reading and cross stitch. It will be useful if you lose the remote in the covers too:D! Great find Sonny ~ enjoy!!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Yes you are one savvy shopper. Lucky you. You hit the jackpot with these beauties. Must check out Kirklands when in NY. Came by from Met Monday.

  17. Morning Sonny,
    so glad the Lord blessed you with those great lamps, what a deal.....
    He's amazing!

    Can't wait to see how you work your magic on them, and to see your new
    bedroom. You are just having a really good time over there, course,
    you might be a bit tired with all that work, but once you see the end result you will be more than energized I am sure.

    Have you checked your email lately?? Cause I sent you an ecard last Thursday or Friday and they usually tell me when it is opened and was afraid it might have gone
    into your spam box by mistake, as that can happen sometimes.

    Anyway, love you lamps they are very pretty and love the style too,
    and like the functionality you were talking about as well.

    All that food you prepared on Sat.
    sounded wonderful. LIke that green bean recipe too, sounds great, am
    gonna have to try that out.
    Making beef stroganoff today from leftover london broil from Dee's
    B-day party. Sound so good...........

    Well, sweetie, have a delightful

    Love and Blessings,

  18. You find the best deals!! Love your lamps and I am looking forward to seeing your room finished.

  19. Yes, I am a lamp girl too Sonny, and I adore these pharmacy type ones too.


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