Monday, March 12, 2012

Project for March

 I know its already the 12th but this is still my march project:)
   I'm a little slower than normal this month as I took on a few outside jobs and they are taking more time - day and night- than I had anticipated.. 

  I bought this secretary off craigslist way over a year ago- showed it to ya'll then- and just never got around to doing anything with it..   The oak went well with my guest room bed , so thats where its been sitting waiting for the  "oh so lovely" redo I promised it when it first arrived..  Thats the good thing about inanimate objects- they have Paitience and are willing to wait without complaining.. 
Should I paint the bed too???   I heard that gasp- yes I did.. lol
 well if I do- that'll have to wait and be my April project..

  Here is a photo of her in her present state.  As you see I made some notes of what I am considering right beside her picture..  NOW, if any of ya have any scathingly brilliant ideas about how I should refinish her- please let me know in your comment.

  I plan to go looking for samples of secretaries that have been painted later this evening.   Surely they have some on Houzz or Pinterest  for me to look at.

  I can make my own caulk type paint so no problem there..   I like the look of distressed as long as its done with a Light Touch:)   I see so much that goes from distressed to destroyed in a Nano second and thats definatly NOT the look I'm going for.. 

  I just wanted to let ya'll know what I was up to as well as get any advice you'd be willing to share .

 Thanks for stopping by.. You are always welcome here and much appreciated.