Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Home Sneak Peek 2 inside

 Hi There ~!
  I should have posted this last week but I've been busy Purging and Packing.  Even though I have cleaned out before I seem to have items that give birth to other items when I'm not looking..  giggle:)

     Three loads to the dump.    Nine loads to donation.   21 posts on Freecycle for folks to come and get stuff..

 I have one more room to purge/ the pantry/ oui vey  ..   I better get it done cause the movers will be here saturday morning at 8 am..   Not sure how time slipped away from me but I have 48 hours to catch up with it.

  enough yapping from me... on with the pictures which I will try to describe as best I can since its empty..

 For those who didnt see sneak peek 1:)
  1697 sq. ft..  3 bedroom, 2 full baths, 2 car garage, bonus room, great room, privacy area, screened in porch, gas fireplace,  granite countertops, tumbled marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, Cathedral and 9 t ceilings, hardwood , tile and carpet, security and sprinkler system, gated commmunity.
 That sounds like a real estate ad, lol..  
  Bedroom 1 -  has its own full bath, walk in closet.  Flooring will be changed to hardwood.
Bedroom 2- large closet for storage .. I'll make this my office and craft room... Flooring will be changed to hardwood.
Staircase to bonus room 18 x 30..   also door at top of stairs leads to a floored attic... I can even stand up straight in there.  Not sure after all this purging how much will ever get Stored, except for 8 containers of Christmas decor and the tree..  But its there and believe me I am going to do my best NOT to fill it up.  I never want to go thru this purging thing again... of course I forgot to take a picture while I was up there ... sheesh

great room  from the patio door side.. The light fixture is coming down.. I'll be using the area you see at the right of the photo for our banquette, which wont get built in till january..  
 I have a Favorite carpenter, so special built in areas will have to wait till he's available.
Waiting isn't easy for me but I know if he does it, things will be right the first time..
 He'll also do extra molding and add shelves to the niche .
Great room from the opposite direction... the room itself is 23x17

Yes those are Hickory cabinets you see in the kitchen.. Crappy photo I took- sorry.
  I'll leave them for awhile and see how I feel about it but I am fairly certain by spring, they'll be white...
Master Bath 1
Bath 2
Master Bedroom with walk in closet. I'm keeping my carpet...:)
Screened in porch 12x 12 and privacy area..  I was so glad this was already poured in concrete.I dont want any yard to deal with at all. I'll have some flowers where the pine needles are but thats it.
  I'll put my plants and ornamental trees in large pots . My own private wooded area lol..
This will be the place me and my pom girls spend a lot of our time.
I had a cable connection added inside the screened porch for tv and internet.. 
 I also ordered bamboo blinds in case I need some shade out there.
 I am looking forward to sitting here this coming spring and listening to the rain while being sheltered from it.
 Thats it for now and maybe for a couple weeks.  In case I dont get to visit ya'll much, have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.. I am wishing it for you.

  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my newest adventure... I do appreciate each and every one of YOU..

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 Big Southern Hugs

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Dream Lane Sneek Peek 1

 I gotta get to the doc's office this morning but I didnt want to leave till I posted a pic of our
" New Dream Lane.."

  I'll be back later with sneek peek 2..  :)  3   4    5    lol

 This is the color brick I have been dreaming of for 20 years.  woooohoooo hard to see but it has vinyl shake siding in areas too..   

 Hope ya like it..
 Happy Fall

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finished Projects Finally

  Hi Folks..

 No I didnt get Lost I just got super busy ..  God moves in mysterious ways and I try to follow even if I dont understand the why's of something.  I've found this works best for me and my life and I do have to say on the occasions when an angel tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear and I DIDNT listen, the outcome wasnt pleasant.  So trust me, I listen and follow along with complete assurance that I am doing the right thing and going the right way.
   WE ARE MOVING..   I'll post all about that when I have photos to show and stuff to tell:)
 While I've been busy looking at homes//27 of them to be exact~!!! Several of them I saw twice or thrice lol.. I also managed to get a couple of projects done here that I've procrastinated about far too long.

  The dining room in this home has no window , though it does get light from the rooms its open too.
 Still the back wall was too dark and needed something.. I added a skinny table, some decor and 2 lamps.. This is so much better to look at especially at night.. You might also notice I am out of my brown addiction and added a punch of blue .. we are lovin it..

 I think I showed Ya'll this secretary 2 years ago and wrote beside of it the different ideas I had to change it.
  as it arrived in the oh so beloved golden oak- NOT~!

I ended up keeping the top and bottom together. Painted it with  chalk paint and clear waxed.  I have no doubt in a short period of time it will DISTRESS itself as my painted furniture has a tendency to do:)
 it will be going with me to the new home though I am not certain what room it will be placed in.
 I also used some blue and white in here... I hope you like how it turned out, I sure do.

  I need to recover the chair seats and make a couple new pillows but that will have to wait a few weeks till I get packed and move.
  More on the moving-- with pics-- soon..
 Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'll post more often soon I promise..

big southern hugs and happy FALL to ALL.